magyar moon

magyar moon

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Sandy Surfer

Few of us look this good
when coated with sand 

 Retro faux surfers

 California Beach Scene
memories of my youth

Huntington Beach 
my old haunt
I jumped off the end of that pier
one night when I was drunk 

 Waiting for a wave

 I love my surfboard
more than my.......
(you can fill in the blank)

 What do I love more.....
surfing or surfers.......?

Retro Poster

Rainbow of boards

Huntington Beach at sunset

 Did you lose something?

I swear-
I was only looking at the surfboard......

(Is this too vulgar? I'll think about apologizing later)

Retro Surf

1966 classic surf documentary
by Bruce Brown
still one of the best

That damn sand gets into everything!