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magyar moon

Monday, July 20, 2015


Surf, Sand, and Memories.....

 The famous Coppertone ad first appeared in 1959. The original picture, entitled "Girl and Pup" had been created in 1953 but was destroyed in a fire. 

Artist Joyce Ballantyne Brand painted the 1959 version and used her daughter Cheri as inspiration for the girl in the ad.

 Beach Party
another painting by
Joyce Ballantyne Brand

 Coppertone gay spoof

Annette Kellerman
was arrested in 1907 for wearing this one-piece bathing suit on Revere Beach in Massachusetts. Kellerman was an Austrailian championship swimmer.



left nipple fetish??




 Wearing the rainbow

snow cone lick

Salt Water Taffy

Miracle Aid 1954
by the Curtiss Company
which made Baby Ruth and Butterfinger

a simple, inconspicuous outfit
for the beach

More beach memories to come


  1. Younger men today, seem to be afraid to show the world that they are male.

  2. What fun! And what on earth was with that left nipple shot? I can't imagine. I think that the 1950's male costumes look very classy.

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  4. Gosh am I really old enough to remember some of those ads? Loved seeing all the summer fun. Bathing suits have come a long way, haven't they? Now men are covering more up, than the woman are.

  5. Oh please don't retire this blog! Like Taryterre said, I couldn't figure how to get it to appear on my dashboard. Still, that's no excuse for not commenting -- particularly the Beach Girls' edition which I thoroughly enjoyed. Never in a million years would I have picked out Judy Garland. Grace Kelley? Forever classy.

    These old advertisements make me smile. I don't recall having actually used it, but I loved to open a new jar of Noxema and INHALE. (Weird, I know.)

    1. Yes, I just realized I wrote "Kelley" and not "Kelly." :(

  6. I had completely forgotten about Noxzema. I used to slather it on sunburn as the ad suggests, although I don't think it really did any good. They are still making it (I Googled, of course)

    We also used to use Johnson's Baby Oil as a suntan lotion with iodine added to it - I don't know why. I did used to get amazing tans that would probably give a dermotologist fits.

    Thanks for the Tarzan update.

  7. Methinks you're having a lot of fun tracking down these pictures. (Keep it up, because we're having fun seeing them, too.) The gay spoof one is a riot. The look on that guy's face...