magyar moon

magyar moon

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The first post on a new blog.
My main objective is to make it the antithesis of my other blog, Lone Wolf Concerto. Lone Wolf is verbose. Cabinet of Curious Treasures will attempt to offer visual diversions.

My initial plan was to do a series of photo posts that celebrate summer: sunshine, sand, surf - - - scantily-clad babes and half-naked hunks. I will do it in time.

Tonight, however, during a horrific Tennessee thunderstorm, my fancy has turned macabre. I've delved into my dark files of extremely disturbing vintage photographs. 

If this chilling collection doesn't give you nightmares, it should at least deeply disturb your waking hours. 


 Corpses in the catacombs
Monestary of the Capuchin Monks
Palermo, Italy 

Medical students probing a cadavar, circa 1905
can't wait for a lunch break 

 I'm seriously hoping that trick photography was utilized for this photo from the 1890's

 I have no clue.....
let your imagination run rampant

 Sweet Siblings
sister and brother
It's a 19th century post-mortem photo 
sister is alive, brother is deceased 

The most horrifying example of post mortem photography that I've ever seen. The dead sister is in an alarming state of decay.....
.......and WHY is the head of the living sister being held up by the metal brace designed for corpses?

 Defies explanation. 

 A Halloween prank, maybe??

 Roommate from hell

Evil Victorian girl
makes the Bad Seed look like Pollyanna

 Be careful where you park your car

A doting father

......just in case you haven't been frightened yet...... 

A man and his dummy
ventriloquist dummies have always scared the living crap out of me

 If the previous photo didn't frighten you, this one should do the job. It's supposed to be a couple of old, decaying ventriloquist dummies......but.....well.....they look kinda real to me......

 Clown in the corner

 Halloween party
.......or is it?.......


 Scariest family photo ever

May all of your nightmares come true

A final word of assurance:
Not all of my future posts will be this morbid



  1. Well I rather enjoyed that. I'm tempted to ask how you found such wonderful photos but perhaps that's better left unknown!

  2. Most of that was truly creepy, I was morbidly fascinated.

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  4. Now there's a glimpse into the novelty of a bygone age --something we don't generally know about. Even Queen Victoria used prize penny-dreadfuls and strange photos. I suppose it had an allure similar to modern horror films, but can only guess. Excellent idea for a blog. Will follow --and visit when jeeters permit.

    1. Dang, no Google Friend Connect? I'll put it on my blog roll.

    2. Geo I finally added the Follow thingie on my side bar. No followers yet.......

  5. I've never understood people being afraid of clowns but the clown you showed here is a little scary. Like this new blog.

  6. Post mortem photography is a bit morose for me. But your new blog is fascinating, for sure. Can't wait to see what pictures are next.

  7. reminds me of
    Curious Goods
    from one of our favorites
    Friday The 13th The Series ;)

  8. Oooh, creepy to the max. I've seen post mortem pictures before, but it's hard to believe they'd take a photo of someone in such an advanced state of decay. The poor living sisters in those photos...

  9. This would make a great Hallows Eve post!!!!! Eerie but not un resting.

    1. Halloween is my favorite time of year. I plan to post a lot of similar things in October.

  10. "Unexplained" is a still from the film "Begotten"