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Friday, July 17, 2015


As I was sifting through my files of shirtless male movie stars two things became very clear: few straight guys and no chest hair.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the vast amount of gay men in the movies during the golden age of Hollywood is astounding. It was a time when lavender secrets were carefully buried under safe layers of publicity hype, and any traces of swishyness in male stars were quickly corrected and/or expunged.

Chest hair? For some inexplicable reason it was taboo - - a strange irony, considering that the studios wanted male stars to be physically macho. Most of the men shaved their chests.

Summertime is here and bare chests are rampant ........neatly shaven, but rampant nevertheless.....

Let's start out with George O'Brien, hunky star of the 1920's, who was courageous enough to bare all of his physical assets as a model in artist studios before he became a Hollywood star.

O'Brien isn't considered to be gay, but there are potent rumors of his bisexuality.

Johnny Weissmuller and George O'Brien
sizing things up

Weissmuller When Wet
....leaving nothing to the imagination.....
Weissmuller wasn't gay, but he doubtlessly attracted the attention of both sexes - especially when wet.

Silent screen star Rudolph Valentino in
a scene from The Young Rajah (1922)
Is that a pistol in his crotch, or is he just happy to see us?
Valentino was undoubtedly gay. His two marriages - to two lesbians - were a sham.

 Ramon Novarro
Hollywood heartthrob of the 1920's
catapulted to superstardom with the release of Ben Hur (1925)
Tragically, he was murdered by two street hustlers on Halloween night, 1968

I saw the house where he was murdered


 William Haines
one of the few openly gay stars
(which cost him his acting career)

Cary Grant and Randolph Scott
Lived together for twelve years.
Scott was still in the house while Grant was married to Virginia Cherrill.

Charles Farrell
his marriage to Virginia Valli was a cover-up

Cesar Romero
gay but very discrete

Tab Hunter
Couldn't act his way out of a paper bag
but cute nevertheless - - and gay

Anthony Perkins 
Had a love affair with Tab Hunter 

Rock Hudson

surprisingly gay
he fooled them all right up until the very end

 Van Johnson
closet queen

 Sal Mineo
had a crush on James Dean

James Dean
rumors of his bisexuality are greatly exaggerated

Dean again

vulnerable and easy

Farley Granger

Roddy McDowell

Farley Granger and Roddy McDowell
much more interested in each other than in Jane Powell

 Montgomery Clift
refused to be filmed shirtless in A Place in the Sun (with Elizabeth Taylor)......

.....but he acquiesced in
From Here to Eternity
(with obligatory shaved chest)

Private photos of Montgomery Clift taken by one of his lovers - which reveal an unshaven furry chest 

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  1. Although Darwin Porter did write about Monty's hairy chest, it did come as a surprise. Still a beautiful, beautiful man. A new Sal Mineo with long hair: I like, I like! I read about Weissmuller's endowment - but seeing is believing. But (and I'm sure you'll agree) the most beautiful - Novarro.

    You done good, Jon.

  2. I had far too many photos and could only post a few. Someday soon I'll do an entire post on Novarro.

  3. Okay, this commenting thing is getting annoying. I get my thoughts typed out and then receive the "Comment as" notation because I've negleced to sign into my Google account first. My comment promptly disappears after I've signed in and I'm too lazy to re-type it. This has happened several times and I usually just give up. Essentially, Farley Granger and Tarzan were "crushes" of mine and discovering they were gay is a little disappointing. Oh well, not my first letdown in life.

  4. Farley Granger was gay but Johnny Weissmuller was straight. So, at least you can retain one of your crushes.

    My Google account can often be extremely annoying.

  5. Thank you for the education. Knew about some of these handsome guys, but not others.

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  7. PS) One of my friends growing up was a relative of Sal Mineo. He once came to visit.

    1. That's really interesting. I heard that Mineo was a very nice person. So sad that he was the victim of a senseless murder.

  8. Montgomery was such a tragic soul and so sexy, especially unshaven (great pics thank you). I recall an Aunt in Canada telling me that Rock Hudson was gay in 1976 and I was shocked. I have no clue how she knew (pre HIV medical sources?)

    1. When I lived in Hollywood I heard rumors that Hudson was gay. He was so macho that it was hard to believe.
      I agree, I like Monty with the unshaven chest.

  9. We know that you don't "kiss and tell", but, how many of these did you "meet" during you time in Tinseltown?

    1. Some of them were before my time......Rock Hudson and Sal Mineo were the only two I saw in person (no, I didn't have sex with them). I knew someone who had been a friend of James Dean - he told me that Dean was exclusively gay.

  10. For all that I know, Don was striaght and faithful to his wife.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. The name should be Cesar Romero.

  11. A fascinating read and pictures, I am a fan of classic Hollywood and I search the Internet for which Hollywood star was gay and I recently read that James Dean was exclusively gay, and saw a video on youtube where Liz Taylor refered to him as a "gay man" ... Your post confirms again the fact... I am not a big fan of James but I love Rock Hudson ... Do you know if the bet between Rock and Liz Taylor who would bed James Dean first is true ? Because I have the feeling that Rock and James Dean did not get along, Rock could not stand him because he was not nice and made fun of his first name (Rack) ...

    1. Thanks for your comment! I'm originally from Southern California and I lived in Hollywood where I worked as a musician and writer. I've heard from some VERY reliable sources that James Dean was exclusively gay. The stories about his "bisexuality" are only hype - and he was never in love with Pier Angeli (as some sources claim).

      I've never heard about the bet between Rock Hudson and Liz Taylor - - but from what I have heard, it's true that Hudson and Dean didn't get along very well. Dean was difficult and obnoxious - and Rock didn't appreciate it.

  12. Thank you Jon, I read about the bet on, it must be untrue - I guess Rock was not attracted to James Dean at all and would not have made such a bet (excuse my English I am French) - Juju (roijoyeux)

  13. In the biography of Mongomery Clift, "Monty" James Dean was studying method acting in NYC
    Monty was doing stage work at the time. Dean would call Monty on the phone. However he was so shy about his idol-he could barely breathe. Monty was irritated over Dean's crush, they never met . Monty did not understand Dean-or his phone calls.Marilyn Monroe said Monty was a worse mess than she was!

  14. That photo you label as Cesar Romero is actually of Don Ameche.

  15. That's not Cesar Romero, but a photo of Don Ameche.

    1. I noticed the error but forgot to change the photo. Thanks!

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