magyar moon

magyar moon

Thursday, July 16, 2015


It's summer. Clothes are being shed.
Here are some vintage female movie stars at the beach, or near the water, or pretending to be near the water......

 "I vant to be alone"
Greta Garbo on vacation in 1932
photo by Martin Muncak

Marlene Dietrich with daughter Maria
circa 1927-28

Clara Bow, the "It" girl of the 1920's

Shirley Temple on the beach with pooch

About a decade later
Shirley Temple at the pool with Guy Madison
(Madison had a brief scene with Temple in the 1944 film Since You Went Away)

 All in a row

 Trudy Marshall, Jeanne Crain, Gale Robbins, June Haver, Mary Anderson, 1944

Jean Harlow

Bette Davis

 Joan Crawford with parrot
 Judy Garland
 Olivia De Havilland
At this post date (July, 2015) Olivia is still living, in Paris, at age 99. 
I wrote to her once long ago and she answered with a handwritten letter.

 Lana Turner
in the popular white beach outfit which she wore in the 1946 film The Postman Always Rings twice.
Outfit was created by Hollywood designer Irene (Irene Lentz)
Tragically, Lentz committed suicide in 1962

 Gorgeous shot of Carol Landis
(who, unfortunately, committed suicide in 1948 at age 29)

Ava Gardner 1944

Barbara Stanwyck

Vivian Leigh
very rare swimsuit shot
before Gone With the Wind

Shelley Winters
lookin' good
about as slim as she ever got

Rita Hayworth

Betty Grable
Long ago when I was a teen, my parents were close friends with a man named Gene Grable - who was Betty's cousin.

 Gene Tierney
who was unforgettable in Leave Her to Heaven

 Jane Russell
Double Dynamite indeed

Marylin Monroe

Grace Kelly

Esther Williams
...last but certainly not least....

This list is long and we didn't even get our feet wet. There are a lot more beach babes in my files. I'll dig them out of the sand and post them before the end of summer.

Stay tuned for the beach boys.......


  1. I thought that I had seen every photograph of Old Hollywood, but I have never seen these. What an era! We will never see such personalities again.

    I am staying tuned for the beach boys. I am wondering if most of these will be photos of Henry Wilson's boys or if you will surprise us and again, show pictures that have rarely been seen?

  2. For some strange reason I've been finding it difficult to get good photos of male stars on the beach. I'll give it my best shot......and I'll TRY to post soon.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm delighted - - and I hope you won't be my last.

  4. Wow, what terrific pictures! You have a very impressive file, and I can hardly wait to see what else you come up with to show us.

    Just call me Avis... I'm follower number two! (Guess that means I have to try harder...)

  5. Loved all these, seems they just don't make movie stars like they use to.

  6. My husband is salivating at the sight of these pinup beauties. Me too.

  7. My husband is salivating at the sight of these pinup beauties. Me too.