magyar moon

magyar moon

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Sandy Surfer

Few of us look this good
when coated with sand 

 Retro faux surfers

 California Beach Scene
memories of my youth

Huntington Beach 
my old haunt
I jumped off the end of that pier
one night when I was drunk 

 Waiting for a wave

 I love my surfboard
more than my.......
(you can fill in the blank)

 What do I love more.....
surfing or surfers.......?

Retro Poster

Rainbow of boards

Huntington Beach at sunset

 Did you lose something?

I swear-
I was only looking at the surfboard......

(Is this too vulgar? I'll think about apologizing later)

Retro Surf

1966 classic surf documentary
by Bruce Brown
still one of the best

That damn sand gets into everything!


  1. Great photos full of vitality --those were vigorous years. But, typically, I'm drawn pastward as much by the cars. I believe the Woody is a '48 Pontiac Streamliner, never owned one. I did own a '60 VW sedan, then a '62 VW Bus, much like those pictured. Still drive a '71 Bus but, alas, no cool split windshield. The Mustang reminds me of theater dates in the late '60s with a girl who won a pink one in a top-40 radio station contest. She wisely married a good friend of mine. For some, those years were full of clean, healthy young specimens of Surf-Humanity. For others, it was really great old cars. There were good times. Sometimes you had to hunt pretty hard for them, but good times were there.

  2. Thanks for identifying the '48 Pontiac Streamliner. I didn't know the make but I figured it was '49 or '48. The poster of the VW Bus reminded me of the photos you've posted of yours.

    Some day I'll post more photos of old cars. I probably did an excess of beach hunks, but I'm in a beachy mood. I miss those long-ago California summers. The good memories always linger........

  3. Ah, the golden years of California. It would have been a bit special to have lived there in the 40's and 50's from the view point of it not being spoiled by over population. Despite other areas laying claim to surf culture (Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, even Portugal), it's California which resonates as the epicentre of surf culture, and rightly so.

  4. When it comes to surf culture, California was one of the first and undoubtedly the best. Unfortunately the golden years are gone

  5. woodies (in more ways than one)! and that looks like you as the "sandy surfer".

  6. I have a fascination with all kinds of woodies.......

  7. Oh, wow, this is real beach glamour! It needs a sound track. What would you suggest?

  8. How about something by the Beach Boys?

  9. I'll be back in Huntington Beach in January. Looks like fun.

    1. That's a nice time to be there. Not too hot, not too crowded.

  10. I don't think that you can honestly claim that people aren't visiting this blog. I always check it out but don't always leave a comment. I never hung out at Huntington Beach. We always went to Santa Monica, probably because it was closer to L.A., and all we were interested in was getting as tan as humanly possible. I don't think I ever dated a surfer boy. Bikers were more my style.

  11. I went to Huntington mostly because it was only 5 miles from where we lived. My favorite beach was Seal Beach.