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magyar moon

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Cigarettes and celebrities - glamorous.....or unbecoming? 
Whatever your opinion, be forewarned: you are now entering a Smoking Zone. Take a final deep breath of fresh air......and enter with caution.

Groucho Marx
It's a cigar, not a cigarette, but I just couldn't resist.

I met Groucho when I was nineteen. He was in his 80's, fragile, way past his prime, but still fascinating. 

 Mae West
In reality was a non-smoker. The cigarette was merely a prop -
and the cigarette holder served a purpose: tobacco never touched her lips

 Anna Sten
Initially touted as "the next Garbo", Russian-born Sten's career took a swift nosedive, but this cigarette pose is a Hollywood classic.
Greta Garbo
 luscious with or without smoke

Rudolph Valentino
from Blood and Sand, 1922

 Ella Raines lighting up,
 rather unnerving......

Bette Davis
cigarettes were her lifetime companions

 Ray Milland
enjoyable smoke

Tallulah Bankhead
excessive glamour

Katherine Hepburn
smokey contemplation

Ingrid Bergman 
tainted by tobacco

(it ain't easy trying to come up with these captions....)

Humphrey Bogart
perpetual smoker
victim of throat cancer

Lauren Bacall
perpetual smoking
made her voice sound like Bogart's

Rita Hayworth
smokey and sultry

Vincent Price
rare and intriguing portrait

 Joan Crawford
classy, classic smoke

Marlene Dietrich
Hollywood smoke wouldn't be complete
without the Blue Angel

Gene Tierney

absolutely luscious
but seems a little awkward
holding a smoke

Yule Brenner
nearly a gaucho

Robert Mitchum 
tough guy lighting up

 Alfred Hitchcock
smoking is for the birds

Tippi Hedren
fear of feathers

Marilyn Monroe 
ashes and guitar

 Sophia Loren

 Frank Sinatra
striking a pose

 Anne Bancroft
Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

  Abstract With Smoke
Bette Davis in her declining years 



  1. I smell something stinky! pardon me if I don't enter this room, as my asthma would go off in a flash!

    let's count how many of these stars died from their addiction, shall we? I can still remember the yul brynner tv ads, him dying and telling people not to smoke. my FIL was also a smoker and dead at 70 - too damn young.

    but the pix (and your captions) are interesting just the same.

  2. I was also going to comment on the Yul Brynner anti-cigarette ads. I think almost everyone smoked in the early days of cinema and television. You would be hard pressed to feature all of them.

  3. I guess the cigarettes do make them look sexy buttttttt. Thanks for posting the pictures.


  4. Good ones, Jon. Lovin' the alliteration as well!

  5. Great post, Jon! You reminded me of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who was apparently a chain smoker, and Dean Martin, who sang so beautiful and smoked so much that towards the end of his career and life he sounded raspy.

  6. Great pictures! It's hard to believe we grew up thinking smoking was somehow sexy and attractive. Now that it's fallen out of favor, it's considered a source of air pollution, brown teeth, and lung cancer. (But it DOES still look a little sexy...)

  7. These pictures and comments are priceless.

    1. I really appreciate your input, Sandra.

      And I appreciated all the other comments - - I'm embarrassed to admit that I was too lazy to respond!