magyar moon

magyar moon

Monday, August 31, 2015


My Magyar Blood is restless tonight. I'm in a gypsy mode.

It's not easy to find photos of genuine gypsies on the Internet. You'll usually come up with pictures of Johnny Depp wearing a headband.

I'm sure that most of these synthetic "gypsies" are models, but a few might be the real deal. 

I am admittedly in love with more than a few of them.....

Those eyes....
Gypsy or not, strikingly beautiful....

Genuine nomad, sea green eyes

Warm comfort on brisk autumn day

Girl from Romania

Catwalk gypsy, with attitude

Kaleidoscope of color

It's not easy to make up these captions.
If he says he's gypsy, I'll believe him.

Boho effect

Gypsy? Doubtful. But I like the look.

Gorgeous faux gypsy

Intriguingly authentic

Strikingly genuine

Fifth Avenue Bohemian

Circus Circuit. Ringmaster.

Too flawless to be a gypsy.
Heck, too flawless to be a model.

Dusty, rugged nomad-type

Kall me krazy, but I think cigarette smoke looks incredibly sexy.
That is cigarette smoke......isn't it??

Classic classy gypsy

Perch a fake owl on a model's shoulder and -voila! He's a gypsy!
(okay, maybe it isn't fake - -what do I know?)

This owl doesn't like her tattoos.

A romance novelist's idea of what a gypsy man should look like

Cute dude, hideous vest

Magyar at the bow


Not a real gypsy but a damn good imitation


  1. Beautiful pictures. No captions even needed.

    1. I agree. I wasn't going to use captions, but then I just started writing random thoughts.

  2. Wonderful faces. Jon -- remind me of Golden Gate Park when I would learn there in 1967. The one face that recalls the real Gypsies who used to stop and sell wooden yard furniture is "Classic classy gypsy" --photo #18 (I think)-- when I was a child in the '50s. But I remember, you had to see them move --there was a lovely subtle rhythm to Gypsies' walk and gestures-- when I was a kid. Still-photos don't do it justice. I mainly remember the movements, at once relaxed and polite, of those who came to the gate and asked me to fetch my parents. I hope that world, that effortless grace, has not entirely evaporated.

  3. You're absolutely right about the movement, Geo. It's truly unique - very rhythmic and almost theatrical, yet completely genuine. I've always been fascinated by gypsies since I was a child. I haven't seen any real ones in a long time, but fortunately they do still exist.

  4. Once I was enamored of the concept of gypsies ... the music and of course/especially, their raw sensuality.

    Unfortunately, after a few minor altercations while in Italy my rose-colored glasses fell by the way.
    Once, finding myself subtly surrounded by pick-pockets. I fought back with the only 'weapon' at my disposal ... an oversize safety pin I'd palmed in my right hand before leaving the hotel.

    Just maybe, had any of them looked like your models I may have reconsidered! :)

    1. Heck, you should have vacationed in Budapest. Hungarian gypsies are so adept at picking your pockets that you won't even know it.

      I've always been fascinated with gypsies (probably because I'm related to them ) but the Hollywoodized ones are the safest. Maybe......

  5. WOOFY men up there, jon. I got a stirring in my loins for a few of them also!

    1. Ah - - so many gypsies, so little time.......

  6. Such evocative photographs. I think the mystery surrounding gypsies is part of their allure. Not that I really know anything, but I have the impression that they are a somewhat closed society. I also recall reading that much like other cultures, they have a hierarchy and certain bands (right word?) don't associate with others.
    I believe the woman with the owl on her shoulder is painted with henna, not tattoos.

  7. They are definitely a closed society and that contributes greatly to their allure.
    I hadn't considered the fact that the woman's face could be painted with henna, but it's a relief to know that it isn't permanent. I like generally like tattoos, but not on the face.

  8. What fantastic pictures! The eyes... that's what carries me away. The eyes. So deep and expressive.