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magyar moon

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I Googled Handsome men in history. What did my search yield? Photos of Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. After I puked, I did my own excavation and came up with a better selection.

Perhaps these guys aren't all hunks, but most of them are easy on the eyes.

I'll start with a couple of criminals.

 Lewis Thornton Powell (1844-1865)
One of the conspirators to kill President Lincoln. He also attempted to assassinate Secretary of State William Seward.
Powell was hanged in 1865, age 21.
Bad boys are very intriguing, and this hunk is hot enough to warrant two photos (at least....)

Robert Leroy Parker
better known as Butch Cassidy. Train robber, bank robber, leader of the Wild Bunch Gang.

 Fidel Castro.
Criminal? Yea, I'd say so. Hunk? Not really.
But he does look better without the beard and cigar.

Joseph Stalin
Definitely a criminal, but kinda cute nevertheless.

Here are a few poets.
It might be argued that some poetry could inspire criminal intent - but that's a matter of debate.

Arthur Rimbaud. Infant Terrible (1854-91)
French bad boy poet. The lover of poet Paul Verlaine (who was married at the time). In the midst of a raging lover's quarrel, Verlaine shot Rimbaud in the wrist. Consequently, Verlaine spent two years in the slammer.
Oh, the ravages of absinthe and hashish! 

Sergei Esenin (1895-1925)
A Russian bad boy poet, who was briefly married to the American dancer Isadora Duncan. Esenin committed suicide. His final poem, Farewell, My Friend, Farewell, was written in his own blood (no lie).

Oliver Wendell Holmes
American poet with no criminal inclinations.

 Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) British poet.
Known as the greatest poet of the First World War. He was killed in action, age 25.
Gay. Just thought I'd mention it.

Lord Alfred Douglas
British poet. Oscar Wilde's lover. Are all poets young, hot, and gay - or is it just coincidence?

Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener
Senior British Army Officer (born in Ireland). Was drowned in 1918 when the HMS Hampshire sank.
Yup, he was gay, and - from what I've read - he liked rough sex.

 Jack London (1876-1916)
American writer. Drugs and alcohol ravaged his life and hastened his demise. Straight as an arrow, in case you were wondering.

Ernest Hemingway
Holy crap, give me a moment to catch my breath.
American writer. Nobel Prize for Literature. Pulitzer for fiction. Alcohol. Electro shock treatments. Suicide.

Do musicians make better lovers?
I'd like to think so. But, then, I'm prejudiced.

Jan Kubelik (1880-1940)

Czech violinist and composer.
His son Raphael was a famous conductor.

Franz Liszt
Hungarian pianist and composer. Advocate of free love, notoriously loose with the ladies. His daughter Cosima married composer Richard Wagner.

Reynaldo Hahn (1874-1947)
Pianist and composer. Born in Venezuela, raised in France. He and Marcel Proust were lovers.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Russian composer, pianist, conductor.
Notoriously gay.

Here are a couple of arteests.

 Claude Monet (1840-1926)
Renowned French artist.

Henry Scott Tuke (1858-1929)
What? You've never heard of Tuke?
He was a British artist, primarily known for his paintings of naked boys and young men.
And he was damn good at it.

Change of subject (and not a moment too soon).
How about some hot Royal brothers from Russia? Both were straight, incidentally.

 Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918)
Murdered during the Russian revolution.
"Nicky" was short, only 5'7", but what he lacked in stature, he made up for in cuteness.

Grand Duke Michael Romanov (1878-1918)
brother of Tsar Nicholas, who was also murdered during the Revolution. Michael was in love with his cousin Princess Beatrice but the Russian Orthodox church wouldn't allow them to marry. He eventually married a commoner, Natalia Wulfert.

Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952)
Ethnologist and photographer of the American West. This is a self-portrait, taken in 1899.
Heck, I'd give him a "10" just for the outfit.

 Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922)
British explorer, best known for his Antarctic expeditions. 
Hey, if you're gonna be stranded on an iceberg, it might as well be with Shackleton....

Charles Lewis Tiffany (1812-1902)
Founder of Tiffany & Co.
Okay, the other dudes can go home. I think I've found the winner.

Actually, it's a tossup between Tiffany and Lewis Powell. It depends on whether you want jewels....or an attempted assassin.



  1. Tiffany had amazing eyes. So many of these hunks remind me of current famous men. It's probably just me - my girlfriend could never "see" resemblances that I referred to. I'm quite jealous of the luxurious manes on some of these men.
    Great selection.

  2. I was also struck by Tiffany's eyes. I had an even better photo of him in my files but I couldn't find it.
    And I was surprised at how good looking Hemingway was when he was young. That was his passport photo.

  3. I remember reading about Lewis Powell in Life Magazine (I think) back in the '60s. They called him "Paine" but I immediately recognized that face --it struck me back then as being a modern face, outside its own times. I guess that was part of his believability as a revolutionary agent. He assumed many names and assembled many fictional pasts successfully. In an instant he could go from a feeble-minded transient to a Baptist minister. High-functioning psychopath but, yes, good-looking.

    1. You're right - - I remember him being called Lewis Paine, too. I had forgotten about that. He certainly assumed many identities for being so young. Had he lived, I think he would have had a notoriously bleak future.
      I, too, was always struck by how very modern he looked. He could certainly have been a fashion model.

  4. Sergei Esenin, Wilfred Owen, Lord Alfred Douglas, Jack London, Henry Scott Tuke, Charles Lewis Tiffany catch my eye.

  5. It's a tough choice. My favorites are Tiffany, Powell, Hemingway,and Kubelik. Ironic that I picked the "straight" ones.....

  6. Hey! Don't knock Paul Newman. When I was in college, I think every gal on my hall had a picture of him on her wall. He had the most startling blue eyes... and the fact that he seemed to be in love with his wife made him even more attractive to us. Made him both a looker and a romantic.

    You picked a bunch of good ones, though. Some of my other favorites would have to include Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Robert Mitchum, James Dean, and Rod McKuen. There's something about that brooding look with a hint of humor in the eyes. (And YES, I know most of these guys were gay.)

  7. I decided to keep this one a non-film star post. Wow, I haven't heard anyone mention Rod McKuen in a long time. Wonder what ever happened to him?

    1. I dunno, but he's still going strong on my bookshelf. Not sure, but I think I have a copy of every book her ever wrote.

  8. I love looking at these old pictures, because they bring history alive for me. I go wild with imagination at what they would be like if they lived today instead of many years ago. If they would have Instagram accounts, better haircuts, tattoos, etc.

  9. Some of them look quite "modern", considering how long ago these photos were taken. I agree - I'd love to see what they'd look like today.

  10. You obviously did not do your research when it came to Fidel Castro. Please look into that ... maybe it's a white bias. Let's just say he was similar to Liam Neeson in his youth... Fidel did get chunky though. But he was a lady killer and so charismatic. Evil as all hell, (which is where he's probably right now) but a handsome devil nonetheless.