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magyar moon

Monday, September 28, 2015


This is a continuation of my previous post. More photos from the Golden Age of Hollywood by master portrait photographer George Hurrell (1904-1992).

 George Hurrell

Dolores Del Rio

Ramon Novarro
rare and striking portrait
from 1929

Greta Garbo
from the film Romance

 Norma Shearer
A remarkably modern-looking photo
I checked the year several times to make sure it is correct

Jean Harlow
early 1930's

Alice Fay

Shirley Temple
(Alice Fay was in two of Temple's films, if I remember correctly, Poor Little Rich Girl and The Stowaway)

 Nils Asther
circa 1933
Danish-born actor
appeared in silent films and talkies

 Maureen O'Sullivan
the original Jane in the Tarzan films
and mother of actress Mia Farrow

Johnny Weissmuller

 Joan Crawford
Hurrell took so many classic photos of Crawford that it's impossible to choose.
I prefer the casual early Joan, without the heavy eyebrows and shoulder pads.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
First husband of Joan Crawford

Rosalind Russell

Robert Montgomery
Gave a superb performance as the psychotic killer in one of my favorite films, Night Must Fall (with Rosalind Russell), 1937.
 Montgomery is the father of actress Elizabeth Montgomery, of Bewitched.

 Bette Davis

Judy Garland
around 1941

Errol Flynn

Humphrey Bogart

Lauren Bacall

Marlene Dietrich

 Lawrence Olivier

Veronica Lake

Lucille Ball

 Jane Russell
promotional photo for the film The Outlaw

Rare photo of George Hurrell 
during a photo shoot with Jane Russell

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


George Hurrell (1904-1992) was a master photographer and a Hollywood icon in the 1930's and 1940's. His unique style of photography brought glamour to new heights. The magic was in his keen artistic eye and the dramatic use of lighting.

I had a difficult time extracting favorites from a very large selection.

 George Hurrell
a self-portrait 

 Marion Davies
film star of the 1920's & early 30's
long-time mistress of William Randolph Hearst 

Pola Negri
star of European and American films
from the silent era through the 1930's.
One of my personal favorites

 Ramon Novarro
from Ben Hur 1925

Novarro was the first Hollywood star to become intrigued with the photographic style of Hurrell. He introduced Hurrell to Norma Shearer, who in turn enthusiastically advanced Hurrell's career (Shearer was married to director Irving Thalberg).

Greta Garbo
wearing an outfit from the film Romance

Jean Harlow

 Johnny Weissmuller

 Joan Crawford
around 1932

Bette Davis
Hurrell preferred to photograph the stars with minimal makeup

Norma Shearer
Shearer specifically requested Hurrell to be her photographer because she wanted to create a more glamorous image of herself

 Marlene Dietrich

Joan Bennett

 Katherine Hepburn

Cary Grant
the unique lighting gave Grant a refreshingly different look from his usual portrait photos.

Rosalind Russell

Robert Taylor
What a hunk!

 Merle Oberon

 Clark Gable

Carol Lombard

Tyrone Power
I was friends with his niece in college

Hedy Lamar
didn't require dramatic lighting to look stunning

Jane Russell
promotional photo for The Outlaw

 Veronica Lake

Too many photos, not enough time......
I'll have to do a Hurrell sequel.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Unintentionally gay?
Maybe........but maybe not......

Sensitive people might find some offensive

 Is it just my dirty mind, or is Johnny Crawford holding that log in an incredibly conspicuous place?

Just an innocent ad with a cute guy and a skinless weenie.

 Gay Boy Cigar ad, circa 1915

Meat ad, 1940's

Not exactly gay, but extremely disturbing, nevertheless.....

Another alarming Christmas ad.
Gives "Ho ho ho" a whole new dimension

Kinsey Whiskey 
Judging by the looks on their faces
they've ingested too many little cock tails....

No explanation required

Boy meets boy
Boys drink beer
Boys leave girls

 There is definitely a recurring theme in these Schlitz ads.

The result of drinking too much Ovaltine

Gaytop gay

No caption for this one - -
I'm laughing too hard

Munsingwear Midway Boxer Briefs- 1940's

 Homoerotic obsession with Ivory Soap
The more I look at this shower scene the more I'm positive that something unnervingly carnal is about to happen.

They are going to be back in his drawers

OMG! Cannon Towel Army Orgy!

Imagine the possibilities.....

If I'm going on a gay cruise, I sure as hell don't want Kukla, Fran, and Ollie with me