magyar moon

magyar moon

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Unintentionally gay?
Maybe........but maybe not......

Sensitive people might find some offensive

 Is it just my dirty mind, or is Johnny Crawford holding that log in an incredibly conspicuous place?

Just an innocent ad with a cute guy and a skinless weenie.

 Gay Boy Cigar ad, circa 1915

Meat ad, 1940's

Not exactly gay, but extremely disturbing, nevertheless.....

Another alarming Christmas ad.
Gives "Ho ho ho" a whole new dimension

Kinsey Whiskey 
Judging by the looks on their faces
they've ingested too many little cock tails....

No explanation required

Boy meets boy
Boys drink beer
Boys leave girls

 There is definitely a recurring theme in these Schlitz ads.

The result of drinking too much Ovaltine

Gaytop gay

No caption for this one - -
I'm laughing too hard

Munsingwear Midway Boxer Briefs- 1940's

 Homoerotic obsession with Ivory Soap
The more I look at this shower scene the more I'm positive that something unnervingly carnal is about to happen.

They are going to be back in his drawers

OMG! Cannon Towel Army Orgy!

Imagine the possibilities.....

If I'm going on a gay cruise, I sure as hell don't want Kukla, Fran, and Ollie with me


  1. bwhahahahahahahahaha! I feel SO GAY reading these ads! alas, I am as str8 as a ruler! :(

    1. I was stunned at how many of these old ads have double meanings.

  2. Jon, your taglines are hilarious!
    These ads must have been innocent enough in its' day; have "we" become so jaded in our thinking now?!
    Thanks for the laughs!

    1. I always have fun making up the tag lines - I'm glad you enjoyed them.
      I'm beginning to think that some of these old ads weren't exactly created with innocence in mind.

  3. I agree with Sam about the jaded thinking. There is some controversy that the word "gay" was used to indicate homosexuality when Cary Grant ad-libbed it in "Bringing Up Baby." It was not in the original script.
    I did not realize that there was so much nudity in old ads. I'll never look at Ivory soap in the same way.
    The picture of the supposed father leering at his child and the Christmas tree is deeply disturbing.

    1. I remember Cary Grant's "Suddenly gone gay" line, but I didn't know it was ad-libbed. Funny!
      Some of these old ads really are suggestive, and I doubt if it was all innocence.

      I found some very disturbing father-child ads that I really thought were too inappropriate to use. Most were from Germany.

  4. Oh crap, I forgot to mention that homosexuality has been around since the Stone Age if you believe the Flintstones theme song - "We'll have a gay old time."

  5. I'm sure it's an unfortunate directional lighting error but couldn't help noticing the stain-like shadow Crawford's armload of wood casts on Chuck Connor's pants.

  6. I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it. That photo seems very awkward and unbecoming to me, including the expressions on their faces. Perhaps I'm reading too much into an innocent picture, but it just looks odd.

  7. Those ads about Ivory soap are just plain wrong. Everyone knows guys in those situations would use a more macho soap. Maybe something called Umpire... for foul balls. :)

  8. You should have been in advertising. You could have made a fortune with that one.

  9. And I'm guessing that Santa face comes in real popular at the glory hole come Christmas time. And you know, I offer my own submarine service!

    1. I had a very similar thought about the Santa face but was hesitant to mention it.