magyar moon

magyar moon

Monday, November 30, 2015


It's the holiday season! Bring on the vintage ads! I love the unintentional (?) humor of the good ol' days. 

Presented in no particular order - with no particular reason.

 Bring a few logs home and start a fire
The Pajama Company
jammie ads

A family that slays together -
stays together.
Sears & Roebuck

Wow! A rifle!
Just what your demented kid needs.

Xmas foot fetish

 Hoover induces ecstasy

Too much holiday whiskey 
yields mayhem and destruction

 What could possibly be worse than cold Dr. Pepper?

Probably best to keep your kids away from this Santa......

Unnerving Christmas Eve
(I used this ad in a previous post but couldn't resist rehashing it)

 Nothing says Merry Christmas
like a vibrating bra 

....and you can get a fake tan while your boobies are vibrating.....

 A dubious-looking Santa

I think this babe is stewed to the whiskers

(after consuming enough Budweiser, Mrs. Claus will be easy to please)

   Who can carve up a ham better than OJ?

A thoughtful and useful gift
(actually, 3.50 postpaid isn't bad....)

 If you hate fruitcake, a Jell-O fruitcake just might change your mind

(okay, it's a plum pudding, not a fruitcake....what the hell is the difference?)

A xylophone, an amplifier, and a cheap Debbie Reynolds lookalike.
A perfect Christmas tradition.

A kid holding Zippo lighters by his ass

 Frightening Fries

Hey, sweetie, that's what you think....

 A useful Xmas present

I seem to be getting tacky here at the end. So shoot me........

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Saturday, November 28, 2015


Some random glimpses of Russia.

 St. Basils - Moscow

 Christ the Savior Cathedral - Moscow

 Sunrise, St. Petersburg

White nights in St. Petersburg

Winter, St. Petersburg

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Sunday, November 22, 2015


November magazine covers

(pretty hot for 1904)
















ye glutton