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magyar moon

Monday, November 9, 2015


Is it too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving? Naw, it's just a little more than two weeks away. Here are some appetizers for your consideration.

(a crude reference to stuffing a turkey, just in case you don't "get" it)

 Judging by the size of that knife, she should be slaying dragons - - not carving turkeys.
And that blade looks dangerously close to the kid.

(sorry for the poor visual quality of this old ad)
I think it's Westinghouse

 Nothing says "Thanksgiving" like puffing on a Winston

Doris Day
preparing to slaughter the bird

Does anybody remember the good old days when you could go in a store with a 20 dollar bill and actually buy something?

comforting the turkey
the night before.....

 The endless possibilities
of Reynolds Wrap

.....and if you don't want to stay home and cook......

Retro turkey babe

Yet another retro turkey babe,
courtesy of Norman Rockwell 

Edible cranberry salad candles??
I don't think so....... 

Going to Grandmother's house.....
......and Grandma is probably swigging whiskey from a bottle in eager anticipation.

I remember innocent times
when ads like this weren't illegal

Let's get her soused
before I make a wish

 Not sure about the connotation of this one, but it's slightly unnerving

Nowadays this cover would spark protests, riots, and lawsuits. 

I mean, Dinah Shore

Can't quite figure this out.
Is that popcorn popping on the left?
Is she caressing the bird or preparing to wring it's neck?
What's the deal with the kid and the accordion?  
Who let the turkeys in??

A Barbie Thanksgiving
 (Photo: Nicole Houff)

 Let's surprise the hell out of everyone with frozen Swanson dinners for Thanksgiving

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  1. 10# of sugar for 65 cents? DAMN!
    edible cranberry candles? EEEEEWWWWW!
    the frozen peas ad is racist.
    barbie thought balloon - "if ken's mom tells me my bird is dried out and tough, I am going to go postal on her ass!"

    I can't stand turkey and all the other shit served on TD. I like lasagna or salmon of chinese or indian food on TD.

    did you know dr. spo of "spo reflections" is related to norman rockwell?

    1. I think we can firmly establish the fact that the edible candle idea never caught on......
      I have a feeling the Ken doll was having a secret fling with the GI Joe doll.

      I never knew Spo was related to Rockwell. Interesting.

  2. I'm soooo enjoying these images!
    Ironic, Thanksgiving's my favorite holiday but not for the traditional turkey/ham/yam/blah-blah-blah dinner. Like Anne Marie, I can't stand turkey. Likewise, my parents. My best T'giving memories actually stem from driving up to Denver or Colorado Springs, staying in some nice hotel and having a fine dinner at a restaurant that served something other than turkey and dressing.

    1. I love anything retro/vintage. It always ignites memories.
      I love turkey, but it has to be moist - - or especially smoked.

  3. Hell no it isn't early. Love the post. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite dinners and holidays. It just means the beginning of good times with family and friends I don't get to see much. And my auntie's dinner is to die for.

    1. What I like most about the holidays is the festive atmosphere and the good food.

  4. Since I'm not big into holidays the Swanson turkey dinner would be fine then for supper I could go to a restaurant for steak..

    1. My mother was never big on holidays, either. She would have been satisfied with the Swanson dinner.

  5. I'm not from England, but reading that first one, about having one's hand up a bird's [girl's] butt got me to wondering ...

    1. That is a reference to putting the stuffing inside the turkey before you cook it.(the traditional way)

      I prefer cooking the stuffing separate from the turkey.

  6. Love that Winston add!! Nothing goes with a turkey as well as a cig!! I also like the cute retro babe. Much more innocent times. But I do adore all the innuendo.

    1. I sometimes wonder if these old ads were really intended to be as benign as they appear to be. I love the unintentional (?) humor.

  7. "Barbie Thanksgiving" is by Nicole Houff

    prints available at:

  8. Oh, some of those female axe murderers are going to haunt my dreams tonight :)

    1. Lizzie Borden would have made a killing on Thanksgiving.......