magyar moon

magyar moon

Sunday, November 1, 2015


I'll admit it. I'm a Halloween junkie. Can't get enough. It's now officially November - - but I'm reluctant to let go of October. Here are some vintage Halloween costumes for you to ponder.

There is a delicious creepiness about old Halloween photos that has never been duplicated. Is it the raw informal spontaneity of the moment? The shoddiness of the homemade costumes? The eerie surrealism of the crude backgrounds and inferior cameras? 

Probably a combination of all.

Nothing says Halloween like Nazi

 possible children of the corn

soloist with groupies

Soloist without groupies
Yea, I know - - we can do without the stupid captions...but I can't resist.

Little ape, big shoes

 ...seems to be minus feet....
(and who's that background onlooker?)

Beyond eerie

Catatonic cat 

 Black cat, white cat

Naked bunny lurking in corner


an angry Mickey Mouse

Genuine hostility??

Pumpkin Queen

Holy Crap!!

so many photos, so little time.....
I hardly scratched the surface.

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  1. EEEEEEEK!!!! Now at this point, I'd say your just looking for an excuse to hold my hand!!!!! Great collection! I know what you mean about Halloween though. I felt just a tad sad it has come and gone. The girl playing piano looks like Madame, no!?! I had seen the Naked guy bunny picture before, and had a nightmare one night he was doing unspeakable things to was most bizarre.

    1. My secret is revealed - -
      this was a cheap ploy to induce hand holding and....whatever. It was worth a try.

      The piano player does indeed look like Madame.

  2. Replies
    1. Must have been difficult to walk in those big shoes.

  3. these are all horrible!

    @maddie - "The girl playing piano looks like Madame, no!?!" funny, I thought she looked like lady elaine fairchild from mister rogers' neighborhood.

    1. I didn't notice the resemblance until Maddie mentioned it. The chin reminded me of Popeye.

  4. That black cat reminds me of Felix!
    I never paused to think about Halloween being observed in the 'Olden Days' but have to give these folks props for their ingenuity. Shoddy or not, home-made costumes are the best!

    1. I think that black cat is Felix - - or a reasonable facsimile.
      Those old homemade costumes are FAR more creepy than anything around nowadays.

  5. Genuine hostility?? That one did me in. That right there is the stuff nightmares are made of.

    1. There's something about that photo that REALLY unnerves me. He looks like he's about to attack the photographer.

  6. You sure managed to dig up some bizarre and creepy pictures. I kinda like the little kid in the ape mask and big shoes, though... especially with the way his (or her) legs are crossed so casually. Oooh, I hope it was a girl...

  7. Those old photos are downright freaky.....