magyar moon

magyar moon

Friday, November 13, 2015


I'm not talking bad movies, I'm talking gobble gobble. Celebrity encounters with turkeys, for your pre-Thanksgiving pleasure (or....displeasure....).

 Make a big wish
with Judy and Mickey

Judy Garland

Schnozzola and turkey
Jimmy Durante

 Dusty Anderson
Okay, nobody's ever heard of Dusty Anderson, but she did have one helluva hatchet

 Pilgrim Bette Davis

Dinner with Mommy Dearest
Joan Crawford

Ann Blyth
Thanksgiving 1945
(remember when she played that bitch Veda in Mildred Pierce?)

Margaret O'Brien 
sweet..... and often moribund

Shirley Temple carving turkey
(taken on the set of The Bluebird,1940)

 Shirley Temple
bewildered by the bird

Jeanne Crain
getting the bird's attention

Jeanne Crain
bird is hot in the pot

 Vincent Price
not exactly a turkey, but close enough

 Billie Thomas
"Buckwheat" from Our Gang

 Frank Sinatra
the biggest Turkey in Hollywood
(I was never a fan)

Debbie Reynolds
Plymouth Rock Pilgrim

Ann Miller

 Garland with gigantic gobbler

 Howard Keel
remember Show Boat?
Kiss Me Kate?
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers??
(if you don't remember any of those films, you're hopeless)

 Mary Philbin with gobbler on steroids
Philbin starred in the original
Phantom of the Opera (1925) with Lon Chaney

Marilyn Monroe
Thanksgiving 1950

Jayne Mansfield
....not exactly June Cleaver.......

Alfred Hitchcock
fear of birds??

Lone Wolf Concerto


  1. I will pass on dinner with mommy dearest (no wire hangers!). vincent price (the evil of the thrillah!). buh-wheat sings (fee times a mady). I have never been a sinatra fan either. debbie reynolds is STILL gorgeous! ann miller had legs forever. howard keel in show boat (and dallas). marilyn. jayne (her boobs would get in the way of the bird).

    I think debbie reynolds is the only one still alive. I may be wrong about that...

    is mary philbin any relation to regis?

  2. Stars from the golden age of Hollywood are dwindling quickly. Debbie Reynolds, Ann Blyth, and Margaret O'Brien are still among the living.

    Mary Philbin - no relation to Regis.

    Mansfield would have a heckuva time trying to carve a turkey.....

  3. Those folks with their carving knives actually look like they know what they're doing!
    I've never prepared a turkey in my life, (and don't intend to start) ... so my dinner guests would have to take over, or opt for frozen pizza!

    Loved Howard Keel; and I still miss Jimmy Durante!

  4. I've prepared lots of turkeys (honest).....and I've had relationships with a few......
    Actually, carving a turkey is more difficult than cooking one.

    1. I never realized how far down you have to scroll to get to the comments..........

  5. I simply HAD to look up the lovely Dusty Anderson --who is apparently still with us and will be 97 next month. I believe December is an excellent month for birthdays, don't you?

    1. I never thought of Googling Dusty until you mentioned it. Wow, 97.
      You're right about December birthdays - - a lot of fantastically fascinating people were born in December (*I'm smiling, of course*)......

      ........should we bother to include Sinatra?.......

  6. I heard Joan was a excellent turkey carver. I wonder if she was better with it then the rose bushes!!! Ann Miller is and always has been one of my favorite entertainers. I have done several post with starlets and holidays. Shame they don't do these sills anymore.

    1. I heard that Ann Miller was a genuinely nice person, as well as a fantastic entertainer.
      Joan was probably better at carving roses than turkeys.......

  7. Some mean looking weapons there. Enjoyed the pictures. We saw wild turkeys at the ranch this morning and they sure kept their heads low in the dry grass. They must know the date is near. Once my sister cooked a wild turkey that had been eating chilepitin (sp) peppers and they said it had the best flavor.

    1. That's amazing about the peppers! Wild turkey makes good eating, but I'd rather not do the hunting.....