magyar moon

magyar moon

Friday, December 18, 2015


"Vintage" is one of those annoyingly over-used words, but I couldn't come up with 
anything else.
A holiday array of stars from the past.....

 Cary Grant
working some holiday magic

 Wilshire Boulevard in the 1940's
decked out for the holidays

Natalie Wood
Christmas 1947
(it wouldn't be Christmas without Miracle on 34th Street)

 Natalie about a dozen years later

 Maureen O'Hara
who played Natalie's mom in 34th Street
(but you already knew that, didn't you?)

Christmas with the King

Christmas 1927 
Woof! Woof!

 Jean Harlow
in the Christmas spirit

  Fay Wray
You didn't recognize her without King Kong, did you?

Bette Davis  bearing gifts

 It's Joan Crawford calling
with a package bomb for Bette Davis 

Shirley Temple
refreshingly innocent

Margaret O'Brien  
I could be wrong, but that almost looks like a Shirley Temple doll she's holding 

 Judy Garland
sang the Christmas song to Margaret O'Brien in  Meet Me in St. Louis
(isn't amazing how I tie all these things together?)

  Rita Hayworth
 Christmas or not, she looks red hot

Betty Grable
with her famous gams
 Hedy Lamarr
simulated sledding 

 Alice Fay
no relation to Fay Wray
(my pathetic attempt at humor)

 Loretta Young
camping it up for the camera

Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire

  Debbie Reynolds
decking a snowman

Lucille Ball with mega wreath

almost unrecognizable

 Doris Day in 1960
at the time of this posting she is 93 and still lovely as ever
(her birth date is variously listed as 1922 or 1924 - believe what you want....)

 Boris Karloff
unnerving Santa impersonation 

 Marilyn Monroe
last but not least

This is only a small sample of my Hollywood Xmas collection, but I didn't want to give too much of a good thing.......
.......or bore the hell out of you. 

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  1. I have always loved these old photos, not just the Christmas ones, but for any holiday. Wonder why you never see them being done anymore? I really am living in the wrong time, or was left behind from another.

  2. Well they all had star quality, obviously, but Elvis most of all!!! Have a sparkling Christmas, Jon! (ouch, sorry for that)

  3. and bette has a package of wire hangers for joan. did not recognize fay wray. what's sad is that most of these people are gone (debbie and doris the exceptions); we shall not see their kind again. spouse and I watched "34th street" last weekend, in glorious B&W.

  4. Didn't Bette mention that Rin-Tin-Tin was the only leading man in Hollywood that Joan didn't sleep with?



  5. I love these photos!! Thank you for sharing them. I print them out and place them on the end of the steps leading up to the 2nd floor. My special favorites are the ones from Lost In Space like with Wil decking the robot in boughs of holly. Fa La La La La, La La La La.

  6. Love those.
    Jean Harlow looks like she's been into the nog a little early this year.

  7. Wow! Margaret O'Brien looks like that kid, Half-Pint, from Little House on the Prairie.
    I sure agree with Mistress Maddie's sentiments ... lucky are we who remember.

  8. In addition to her acting skills, I've always been impressed by Hedy Lamarr's work in the "spread spectrum" technology during WW2 that prefigured digital communications --originally for encrypted wartime transmission but now used in cellular phones and fax machines.

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