magyar moon

magyar moon

Friday, December 11, 2015


He knows when you are sleeping,
he knows when you're awake,
he seems to be a stalker
and that's creepy, for crap sake!

Here is a selection of weird Santas that could induce unpleasant dreams..... 

 Okay, I'm not quite sure how to interpret this one, but I suppose if you're going to let a big guy sit on your lap he might as well wear hot shorts and know how to blow a saxophone.

 Don't look now, but St. Nick seems to be taking a dump on your roof (sorry, I couldn't resist).

 Santa from Hell. Look at the dirt & grime on those work gloves!

 I don't know what's more horrifying - - the Santa or those two nightmarish things lurking behind him.

 A bow-legged Santa flanked by two giant rats on wheels.

 I'd rather not venture a guess as to exactly what he's doing.....

 The joyous spirit of Christmas

 Pssst! Kids! I'm not positive, but he might be dead (is that an x-ray of his left arm??)

 Dear God - - it's Mother Superior on hormones! (steroids?)

 Claus consulting with a couple of two-bit street tramps.

 Hirsute Santa

occasionally I'm too stunned for words 

If it has a purse and a bust like Lillian Russell, it just might be Mrs. Claus......

 Doesn't he look a little young to be Santa? And doesn't she look a little old to be on Santa's lap? I'll keep the rest of my observations to myself. I wouldn't want to rouse the wrath of the KKK.....

 It's not Christmas
and this ain't Santa
Call 911!!!

 Hey - -  didn't we just see this same Santa with a different saxophone guy in a previous photo? I don't know how that old bearded bastard manages to attract so many cute sax blowers......maybe it's the red suit??

I always like to end on a happy, positive note


  1. I like the last one!

    and yeah, talk about nightmare fuel; as bad as circus clowns!

  2. Hilarious photos! My favorites are uni-brow Santa (#4) and Jolly Old Rasputin (#9).

  3. I can't help but wonder if the first little girl balling with red hair is our Anne Marie as a child?!? Some disturbing santas indeed. I once dated a guy who like me to wear a Santa hat and red sport briefs, and he sat on my lap. It goes downhill from there............. It got weird, so I let him go after two scenarios played out.

  4. Those are some mega-creepy Santas! I don't think I ever went to see Santa as a kid, and only took our kids once. They didn't like the experience, so I didn't push it. Some of our grandchildren don't like sitting on Santa's lap, either. Aaron wouldn't have anything to do with the old guy in the weird suit. (Smart kid!)

  5. @maddie - my real hair color is shitty brown. but I was born to be a redhead, so hello clairol! and no, that is mos def NOT me!

  6. Its all happy and bright Jon. Like your sense of humor.

  7. I think those sax guys in the Speedos must be in the band *and* on the swim team...the first sax dude looks like he has his pants around his ankles, so maybe it was Santa's turn to make a wish!