magyar moon

magyar moon

Monday, December 28, 2015


New Year greetings are traditionally bright, optimistic, and cheerful. I was amazed at some of the weird, bizarre, and extremely depressing cards I discovered in the dusty vintage archives.
Here are some samples.

I initially thought that was a BUG being blasted at the moon (it looks like it has legs) but it's the cork from the bottle.
"Looking into things afar off"
Looks like Mr. Potato Head gone awry.
Extremely unappealing.
These big ugly moon heads scare the jeeters out of me
Since pigs are featured in many of these cards, I'm assuming they're a symbol of good luck.
from Germany
Nothing says "Happy New Year" like vampire bats
a Carmen Miranda wannabe
Creepy snowmen
another doozy from Germany
a kid straddling a spurting bottle
The End
(and not a moment too soon)


  1. "???" indeed! these are NOT NICE at all! and the moon smokes - bad moon!

  2. I do think some of them are nice. Like the boy on the bottle, going to space...

  3. Color me officially creep-ed out! Well, except for the oddly-adorable piglets.

  4. I'm fond of #8 down, where the lady with hangover must now live on the moon in a bathing costume with her bust all out of whack. Risque, certainly --but it warns us away from folly. I wonder if people a hundred years ahead will get as big a kick out of our greeting cards.

  5. This is an unusual little bunch of cards. Thanks for sharing.

  6. A great assortment here. I love vintage cards as you know. Most likely the guy in the chair will be me getting jabbed with pitch forks hung over on new years day!!! Most of these are from the Victorian era...who were fond of using bugs, and moons in greetings for fun. Pigs were indeed a symbol of good luck...hence pork on new years day. There thinking was fowl scratch backwards to eat, while pigs dig noses into ground to eat in a toward motion....hence looking ahead. Lovely selection. Glad you embrace the holidays as well.

  7. Some of them are indeed creepy but they do have some artistic merit.

  8. # 1 = cork cracked window (?)

    # 7 = satanic (scary)