magyar moon

magyar moon

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


It's the day before Christmas and you still don't know what to buy for those hard-to-please people on your list.
Here are some helpful suggestions.

 Homemade edibles are always nice, and this candle salad probably tastes even better than it looks.

 ....or cupcakes....with a personal, whimsical touch....

 This is a rare breed, rumored to have been from Michael Jackson's private zoo.

 ...but I like them without wine....

 How about a pizza slice sleeping bag?

 I've woken up with a few of these beside me

Heck, I've woken up with a few of these, too...

I have a few good captions for this one
.....on second thought, I'd better not.....

 Toilet Teapot

and coffee mug

A crapping reindeer
(with flavored candy crap)

No thanks, I already have one

How about a charming holiday sweater?

Nope, not my size.....
.....too small.........

This is for the dolt who gave you the sweater

Make a lamp from a real squirrel
gives new dimensions to the word "fun"

for the kiddies on your list:
a Hitler doll
(these two munchkins look psychotic enough without the doll.....)

Think of the possibilities....

a Shave the Baby doll
(not made in the U.S.A., thank God)

for future motel maids

Charles and Camilla
walking wind-up dolls

yea, my cats just can't wait

last but not least
 gifts that can really be used

 (Aw, lighten's Christmas)


  1. ummmmmmm, now if santa would only leave the last 2 thoughtful gifts under MY tree...the rest of this crap he can burn!

  2. AM, I knew you'd like the last two.
    If I see Santa, I'll tell him that you've been good.

    1. And I'll bet if were both real good, Anne Marie will knit us a pair of those bloomers with the budgie warmer.

    2. ain't enough yarn in the world that would cover YOU up, maddie! ;-)

  3. I'll have you know, I never go to bed without my electronic yodeling pickle. Only problem is the neighbors say they see the lights dimming off and on.

    1. You'd better use your yodeling pickle with the lights out!

  4. Again, great pics, Jon! My favorite has to be the toilet teapot. It really is a beautiful ceramic piece.

    1. The toilet teapot is a classic, Geo. It would add elegance to any breakfast table......
      and it would give a whole new meaning to "Tea Time".

  5. ... and just when I think I've seen it all!
    My favorite has to be those endearing cupcakes.

    PS - Camilla-the-Rottweiler looks just as creepy as I suspect she is in real life.

    1. Those cupcakes frightened me. I thought the wind-up dolls were hilarious. The Camilla one really resembles her.

  6. These are brilliant! where do you find this stuff! such a pity it's too late to order them in time....
    Happy Christmas, JOn!

    1. You' surprised what you can find on the Internet. Some of these are really crude but they're funny!

  7. Hilarious! And there was me hoping for some smart pickle comments... but I can guess what they would have been!

  8. I always like to leave some things to the imagination (*smile*)