magyar moon

magyar moon

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Children? I was never exactly fond of them. These bizarre vintage ads seem to substantiate my opinion......

 This isn't exactly an ad
but it sets the mood
(I haven't seen choppers like that since Dracula's Daughter)

Hey, if your eyes "don't open within 10 days" you're probably dead.

Dye Crazy

She kinda looks like Amelia Earhart on crack

Nothing says "Buy Pears' Soap" like a near-fatal accident with a mangled kid under a 200 lb. iron tub 

I think one expression would have been sufficient

 Is it just me, or does Mom look desperately in need of rehab?

An unnervingly catatonic Mom -
and the kid really looks delighted to be plied with V8 

 Looks like the third witch in Macbeth

 Some very creepy bean connoisseurs

A miniature Jane Wymann?
Maybe it's just the hair.....

Kinda makes the Bad Seed look normal

Looks like he's had more than just ginger....

 Wouldn't be surprised if he was related to the bean kids

Sugar Fix

 Let's smoke them to death -
perfect gift for Mom & Dad 
(where the heck can Junior purchase tobacco?) 

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Lone Wolf Concerto

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Welcome to the greatest freak show on earth: the unnervingly wacky world of Walmart customers. For whatever reason, it's no exaggeration that Walmart attracts the weirdest, most bizarre people imaginable.

Fair Warning: Crude and offensive stuff here

.....assuming that Walmart customers can read......

As long as it doesn't smell like Preparation H

Is he proposing - - or propositioning?

(don't worry - - he'll probably never find the front door)

The perfect outfit for someone with tits on their back....

 Pancho has knockers

A family of six could easily ride on her ass and she'd never know it

Needs some ankle bracelets for her tits

....meanwhile, in Aisle 9......

Hair Club for Men
gone awry

 Armed customers
I swear to Gawd, I saw armed Walmart shoppers when I lived in Texas. 
Scary as hell.

Dude, you'll never have to worry about destroying your brain cells......

 Pretty in Pink

 You're actually #2.....
and the toilet needs to be flushed

Zulu Lulu

 There comes a time when captions are useless. I'm at a loss for words.....

My favorite
I can't stop laughing!

Elvis has left the building

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


A few weeks ago a friend and I were discussing Hollywood film stars and aging. He mentioned Meryl Streep and said "At least she's aging gracefully and never had a face lift."

I said "Are you kidding? The woman's face has been raised more times than the flag over Ft. Sumter!"

I lived in Hollywood and often got the dirt on celebs through reliable insiders. Trust me, there's almost no celebrity who hasn't had plastic surgery. It's no secret that Tinseltown and vanity are synonymous.

Have I ever had plastic surgery? Hell, no. I didn't need it.

Streep, then and now

Many stars of the distant past have undergone plastic surgery, although it wasn't as prevalent or publicized as it is now. 
Joan Crawford, Mary Pickford, and Gary Cooper had notoriously bad face lifts. 

The nose job syndrome blossomed in the late 1940's and has flourished ever since:
Rhonda Fleming, Ann Miller, Vera Ellen, Doris Day, Carolyn Jones, Connie Stevens, Susanne Pleshette, Shelley Winters, Natalie Wood, Stephanie Powers, Mary Tyler Moore...... the list is longer than War and Peace.

No big revelations here - just a few random before and afters, for entertainment purposes only.

Marilyn Monroe: slight nose overhaul

Frank Sinatra
ol' Blue Eyes had a couple of Dumbo ears pinned back.

Am I being cruel? Of course. That's what I'm here for.

 Dean Martin
Few people remember Dino before the nose modification

Annette Funicello
The former Mouseketeer had her schnoz filed down before Beach Blanket Bingo

Zsa Zsa Gabor
Zsa Zsa and her sister Eva both had their honkers slightly snipped.
(I met both of the Gabor sisters, just to brag)

Peter O'Toole
specifically had his nose filed down so he could land the role of Thomas Edward Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia

 Natalie Wood
before and after surgery

Raquel Welch
what wonders a scalpel can do......

I met Raquel Welch. Thought I'd mention it to impress you. 

Marlo Thomas
Has had three nose jobs - - at least.

 Sissy Spacek

Paris Hilton
money can buy beauty, but unfortunately it can't buy brains.

Barry Manilow
a chipmunk with the mumps
A friend of Manilow told me that Barry had a nose job. Looks more like he had ping pong balls planted in his cheeks. 

 Angelina Jole

Nicole Kidman

 Tom Cruise

Brooke Shields

Pamela Anderson 
with beach balls

 Ellen Degeneres
....holy shit!....

Bruce Jenner
 I'd say that he went a bit overboard....


Barry Obama
 Rumor hazzit that he had a slight nose modification. You be the judge.

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