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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


A few weeks ago a friend and I were discussing Hollywood film stars and aging. He mentioned Meryl Streep and said "At least she's aging gracefully and never had a face lift."

I said "Are you kidding? The woman's face has been raised more times than the flag over Ft. Sumter!"

I lived in Hollywood and often got the dirt on celebs through reliable insiders. Trust me, there's almost no celebrity who hasn't had plastic surgery. It's no secret that Tinseltown and vanity are synonymous.

Have I ever had plastic surgery? Hell, no. I didn't need it.

Streep, then and now

Many stars of the distant past have undergone plastic surgery, although it wasn't as prevalent or publicized as it is now. 
Joan Crawford, Mary Pickford, and Gary Cooper had notoriously bad face lifts. 

The nose job syndrome blossomed in the late 1940's and has flourished ever since:
Rhonda Fleming, Ann Miller, Vera Ellen, Doris Day, Carolyn Jones, Connie Stevens, Susanne Pleshette, Shelley Winters, Natalie Wood, Stephanie Powers, Mary Tyler Moore...... the list is longer than War and Peace.

No big revelations here - just a few random before and afters, for entertainment purposes only.

Marilyn Monroe: slight nose overhaul

Frank Sinatra
ol' Blue Eyes had a couple of Dumbo ears pinned back.

Am I being cruel? Of course. That's what I'm here for.

 Dean Martin
Few people remember Dino before the nose modification

Annette Funicello
The former Mouseketeer had her schnoz filed down before Beach Blanket Bingo

Zsa Zsa Gabor
Zsa Zsa and her sister Eva both had their honkers slightly snipped.
(I met both of the Gabor sisters, just to brag)

Peter O'Toole
specifically had his nose filed down so he could land the role of Thomas Edward Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia

 Natalie Wood
before and after surgery

Raquel Welch
what wonders a scalpel can do......

I met Raquel Welch. Thought I'd mention it to impress you. 

Marlo Thomas
Has had three nose jobs - - at least.

 Sissy Spacek

Paris Hilton
money can buy beauty, but unfortunately it can't buy brains.

Barry Manilow
a chipmunk with the mumps
A friend of Manilow told me that Barry had a nose job. Looks more like he had ping pong balls planted in his cheeks. 

 Angelina Jole

Nicole Kidman

 Tom Cruise

Brooke Shields

Pamela Anderson 
with beach balls

 Ellen Degeneres
....holy shit!....

Bruce Jenner
 I'd say that he went a bit overboard....


Barry Obama
 Rumor hazzit that he had a slight nose modification. You be the judge.

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  1. barry manilow also looks like he had an eye lift too. I met him once at a charity event in the 70s. suh-NAP!

    they should have left tommy girrrrl cruise alone, as he IS a snarling monster.

    pamela anderson and her (fake) beach balls...bwhahahahaha!

    ellen - HOLY SHIT is correct! I never would have guessed.

    bruce jenner - the less said about him the better. he needs to sue THAT doctor. and the work is already starting to come undone; have you seen a closeup lately?

    you forgot the freak ghoul michael jackson.

    1. I have no doubt that Manilow had EVERYTHING done - and the result is that he now looks like a chipmunk with the mumps.

      I didn't even graze the tip of the iceberg with this post, there are SO MANY. Everybody knows about Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers, so I tried to include a few that weren't quite as publicized.

      Some day I'll do a post about the plastic surgery disasters. It will be a real hoot.

    2. then you would HAVE to include MJ and joan and kenny rogers.

  2. I have to say, I have aged very well even though I'm not that old....yet. I bath in moisturizer and drink a ton of water to counter act to gin intake. I also once a week to a rose water rinse and a mud pack. That's it. And btw....have you seen Linda Evans or Joan VanArk lately??? Yeah. Can you say grab both ends and pull tight.

    1. Taking care of yourself naturally, as you do , is much better than resorting to radical surgery. I seem to have aged fairly well, too, despite all the booze and an incredibly wild lifestyle.

      My mother never had any surgery and she was always perfectly gorgeous - - but, then, she never drank, smoked, or ran around.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm always fascinated with this kind of stuff.

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    1. Myra, I deleted one of your comments because it came out twice.

  5. Hours after 'watching' this in my dentist's waiting room, I'm still chucking over your description of Barry as a 'chipmunk with the mumps.' That's pretty rich!

    Aside from Jenner/Caitlin/WHATever, I'm thinking the biggest dis-service was done to Marlo Thomas.... yikes!
    Ah jeck, I'm probably just jealous, on account I can't afford a nose job of my own...

  6. To say that most of these "stars" are goofy would be an understatement. Barry Manilow should sue his surgeon.
    Marlo Thomas actually looked better before she had anything "done". She's starting to look like Michael Jackson.

  7. I wonder how often these procedures have to be "touched-up". I had what amounts to an eye lift done for medical reasons. My eye lids were drooping and affecting my vision (a fairly common occurrence). Although it was done by an ophthalmologist, it was a huge feat to get it approved by insurance, as they considered it cosmetic. A coupe of years later, I can now see the drooping beginning to recur. Makes me wonder if all of those procedures become undone with time. I guess that is why they keep going back for more.

  8. Kenny Rogers, Olivia Newton-John, Precilla Presley - all should sue. They have become unrecognizable.

    1. I definitely agree that many of the surgeons should be sued. They have the same handiwork as Dr. Frankenstein.

  9. How sad that so many people think they have to have cosmetic surgery to achieve an unachievable perfection. The only one here who I think really looks better afterwards is Tom Cruise. (Those teeth HAD to get straightened.) Marlo Thomas's nose looks ridiculous now. I wonder what's the biggest cause of all these surgeries... vanity, or insecurity?

    1. Vanity and insecurity are certainly a big part of it. Also necessity - - in a synthetic,fabricated world of illusion, where competition is brutal and fierce.

  10. Is it weird that I find most of these all incredibly sad? That they felt they had to take a scalpel to their own skin? That Hollywood just made them feel uncomfortable with themselves. I dunno. :/

    1. It is indeed sad - and a little frightening - that people are never satisfied with the reality of themselves. And in Hollywood the competition is FAR too fierce.

  11. It's a little weird. Most of us like or dislike people for what people are doing. It's not about great appearance at all.

    1. Unfortunately, in Hollywood the competition is so fierce that I think a lot of people are forced to do it for survival. Everyone has a desperate need to look young and beautiful. It's a sad commentary on humanity.

  12. Hi...Everyone has a need to look young and beautiful that’s reason they going with Cosmetic surgery
    For improve in body shape And look more younger.

  13. What a great site! I totally enjoyed reading everything here...

  14. Those pictures of Angelina and Nicole are amazing. Complete reconstruction of the jaws to be more square. Oprah and Obama nose carved to appear less African.

  15. No way!!!! Natalie Wood did't have any surgery!!! She looks the same in both pictures!!! Where did you get this info!!!

    1. I lived in Hollywood for many years and knew a lot of "insiders". Natalie Wood had a very slight nose modification. She certainly didn't need any radical surgery.

  16. Great post!

    Regarding why so many actors had rhinoplasty, many of them had it on the recommendation of their studios, at least during the studio/contract era. Basically, a thinner nose photographed better on film.

    With all the film stills available online it's easy--and fun-- to see differences in noses. Natalie Wood's normal-size nose is markedly different in Rebel Without A Cause from the tiny turned-up nose she sports in her 1960s films. According to a couple of published bios Liz Taylor had her nose tip narrowed and uplifted a bit; you can see the difference starting with Ivanhoe. Again, this was on the recommendation of her studio. Ava Gardner's nose was narrowed; check out early studio photos of her vs. pics of her from the later 1940s. Rita's too. When she started in films. Jackie Bisset's nose was much broader; compare her nose's broad in Secret World to her 1970s movies, where her bridge is more refined. Nose jobs were de rigeuer for film work.

  17. Oh and Lena Horne too; "before" pics of her available online. It wasn't because of a person's supposed self-hatred or a lack of self-esteem. Again, it was largely a business decision--the studios wanted their stars to photograph better onscreen.

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