magyar moon

magyar moon

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Welcome to the greatest freak show on earth: the unnervingly wacky world of Walmart customers. For whatever reason, it's no exaggeration that Walmart attracts the weirdest, most bizarre people imaginable.

Fair Warning: Crude and offensive stuff here

.....assuming that Walmart customers can read......

As long as it doesn't smell like Preparation H

Is he proposing - - or propositioning?

(don't worry - - he'll probably never find the front door)

The perfect outfit for someone with tits on their back....

 Pancho has knockers

A family of six could easily ride on her ass and she'd never know it

Needs some ankle bracelets for her tits

....meanwhile, in Aisle 9......

Hair Club for Men
gone awry

 Armed customers
I swear to Gawd, I saw armed Walmart shoppers when I lived in Texas. 
Scary as hell.

Dude, you'll never have to worry about destroying your brain cells......

 Pretty in Pink

 You're actually #2.....
and the toilet needs to be flushed

Zulu Lulu

 There comes a time when captions are useless. I'm at a loss for words.....

My favorite
I can't stop laughing!

Elvis has left the building

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  1. I never go to wallfart; these idiots are only one reason. wallfart seems to attract every freak like a magnet.

  2. WHAT IN THE MOTHER OF THOMAS JEFFERSON DAVIS!!!!!! Can they actually shop with no shirts like that????? Why is there never a hot muscular white trash dude? How awful. I never shop there but once, and I was scared I tell ya. I drive out of my way to shop Target, much more clean, friendly, more quite, and the only full moon I see is outside.

  3. Jon, a Walmart opened last month only 2 miles down our road. Everything's fine so far except I now try to take my pants off over my head.

  4. To tell the truth, I used to think these "People of Wal-Mart" images were put-on's. Unfortunately, I made an (accidental) visit there last year ... and my mind's still desperate to forget.
    Poor, I can understand ... but filthy's unforgivable.

    1. have summed it up perfect! Even poor, there is no excuse for filthiness and tawdry ensembles.

  5. Our Walmart is open all night. Maybe I should go up there at three in the morning to see what goes on. It saves me from driving to San Antonio.