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Friday, April 29, 2016


A hodgepodge collection of rare photos from the past that you might not have seen.

Actually, I posted some of these on my other blog Lone Wolf Concerto about a year ago, and in this post I've added a few new ones.

  Let's begin with the queen.
"Off with my head!"

 A photo of Queen Victoria and five of her children (date unknown). For some strange reason the Queen hated how she looked in this photo - - so she personally scratched her head off of it.

I suppose queens have the authority to behead themselves if they think it's necessary

This is 94 year old Hannah Stilley.
The photo was taken in 1840.
Hannah was born in 1746!
This makes her the person with the oldest birth date to ever be photographed.

 American soldiers in an abandoned church
Exermont, France 1918

A bird's eye view of Boston in 1860.
Photo was taken from a hot air balloon.

 The funeral Hearse of Abraham Lincoln, 1865

 Abraham Lincoln's granddaughters,
Mary and Jessie.
They were the daughters of Lincoln's son Robert.

Annie Oakley
American sharpshooter

A beggar running after the carriage of
King George V and pleading for money.
The King was probably saying
"Why can't these bloody horses go any faster?"
Photo taken in 1920

Russian Tsar Nicholas II, letting his daughter
Grand Duchess Anastasia have a puff
 from his pipe.
Anastasia was fifteen at the time, so the photo was probably taken in 1916.
Tragically, Nicholas, his wife Empress Alexandra, and their five children were executed less than two years later.

 Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan.
Photo taken at Cape Cod, July, 1888.
one of my personal favorite photos

The ice berg that sunk the Titanic. Red paint is visible on it. This photo was taken on April 15, 1912 - from the German ocean liner S.S. Prinz Adalbert

How do I know it's red paint, since the photo is black & white?
Trust me. I have impeccable sources.

Supposedly the last photo ever taken of the Titanic.
This photo was taken by the Jesuit Priest Francis Browne. Browne was a passenger on the Titanic but got off in Queenstown, Ireland (before the ship sank, of course....)

 White Sheets on Ferris Wheel

 The KKK, attending a carnival in Canon City, Colorado, 1925.
(holy crap, now I've seen everything)

This is the very last photo ever taken of Hitler. April 30, 1945.
Taken only hours before his death
(or alleged death - whatever you choose to believe).

 Hitler's Bathtub
Lee Miller was a former model who later became a photographer and war correspondent. After WWII ended, she visited some of the former homes of Hitler and Eva Braun. Here she is posing in Adolph's bathtub (notice his photo, on the left)

 The last photo of Anne Frank

A very rare and extremely poignant photo
of Anne Frank (right) and her sister Margot, taken in the attic where they hid before being captured by the Nazis. 
The photo is dated 1942

Anne Frank's father Otto
revisiting the attic in 1960.
He was the only one in the family who survived
imprisonment in the Nazi death camp.

This is a menorah in a window on Chanukah
in Kiel, Germany, 1931
defying the Nazi flag outside.

On the verso of the photo is written:
"Judea will live forever"

Thursday, April 14, 2016


I had never heard of American photographer William Gedney (1932-1989) until very recently, when I was doing some research on Appalachia. Unfortunately, Gedney's work didn't receive much recognition until after his death. Over 5,000 of his photos are now digitally archived at Duke University.

Gedney's exclusively black & white images capture the raw, unapologetic intensity of the places to which he traveled - including India, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 
He aptly considered photography to be a form of poetry, and very often focused on the unintentional sexual intrigue of the average American male.

In 1964, Gedney spent over a month living with two poverty-stricken families in rural Kentucky. This sojourn (in my opinion)
yielded some of his most interesting work.

 Mud-covered young boy smoking
Leatherwood, Kentucky 1964


 Plucking a chicken

 Looking down the barrel of a shotgun

 Three girls in a kitchen



 Can't figure out what he's stomping

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Saturday, April 9, 2016


Just a few random B&W shots of the 1950's. Was it really the Fabulous 50's - - or merely an era that was sorely over-rated by nostalgia enthusiasts?

I like to think it was fabulous.... or pretty near close.....

Poodle Skirts

Hula Hoops

 Born to be wild.....or sort of......

New York Chic
no leather jackets in sight

 Meanwhile, down on the home front

 Is that old bag puffing a cigarette?
Is she Mother or Grandma??
Parents often looked like they were 65 back then 

 "Typical" '50's housewife
vacuuming in heels

 "Typical" teen in her bedroom

 Now this really brings back memories

Too much Cola caffeine?



 We'll never see this kind of service again

.....nor this kind of respect in school.....

How many kids can we stuff in a phone booth?
That washing machine looks like it might be from the 1940's....(or 30's???)

 Typical American family road trip.
Tell Dear ol' Dad to keep his eyes on the road!!
Actually, on our family road trips my Dad would be beating the shit out of me and my Mom would be screaming...... 

Is this the end already? I have a lot more photos and should probably do a 50's Part Two.

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