magyar moon

magyar moon

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Just a few random B&W shots of the 1950's. Was it really the Fabulous 50's - - or merely an era that was sorely over-rated by nostalgia enthusiasts?

I like to think it was fabulous.... or pretty near close.....

Poodle Skirts

Hula Hoops

 Born to be wild.....or sort of......

New York Chic
no leather jackets in sight

 Meanwhile, down on the home front

 Is that old bag puffing a cigarette?
Is she Mother or Grandma??
Parents often looked like they were 65 back then 

 "Typical" '50's housewife
vacuuming in heels

 "Typical" teen in her bedroom

 Now this really brings back memories

Too much Cola caffeine?



 We'll never see this kind of service again

.....nor this kind of respect in school.....

How many kids can we stuff in a phone booth?
That washing machine looks like it might be from the 1940's....(or 30's???)

 Typical American family road trip.
Tell Dear ol' Dad to keep his eyes on the road!!
Actually, on our family road trips my Dad would be beating the shit out of me and my Mom would be screaming...... 

Is this the end already? I have a lot more photos and should probably do a 50's Part Two.

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  1. From what I have seen, the fifties in the USA really was fabulous. Little of that, I have to say, seemed to have reached England. People had food rationing, everything was dingy and everyone had their granny's furniture because anything remotely new or nice was insanely expensive. Things got a little better at the end of the decade, however, I think. But America was utopia! :D

  2. @jenny - the 50s in this country were times of repression and conformity and darkness and communist witch hunts. it wasn't as wonderful as articles have made it seem.

    it was OK to beat/molest your kids and not get arrested. women were expected to stay home and play house and have plenty of brats. dad would go to work, but come home drunk. tv had 3 channels, gas was 25 cents/gallon. but everyone went to church on sunday - hypocrites.

    now, the pix - the girls all look virginal and the boys look all tough. my mom had a car like the one at the gas station. my grandmother had one of those round-shaped wringer washers. I remember going to the drive-in with my sister and parents; we fell asleep and my parents watched the movie. "a&w root beer's got that frosty mug taste". and yes, jon, they still say the PoA in school. my mother never wore heels to clean house. I remember soda fountains and juke boxes.

  3. It was a time of feigned innocence.

    I do, though, remember A&W Drive-ins!

  4. I always liked the fashion from the 1950s and back. Especially the New York chic. I probably wouldn't have liked the 50s otherwise. But that phone booth!!!! I never would have done that in fear someone might have broke wind. UNLESS it was filled with horny hot men,wink!

  5. The only thing good about those days was that everyone was thinner. I personally do not like "the good ole days". My husband takes great pleasure in reminiscing about the old days. I find it boring and sad. For me, the good ole days are right now. I love technology and all things new. I just wish I was thinner.

  6. Such innocence. Such hope for the future. A different era indeed. We have one of those A&W not too far from here.

  7. My brother Terrie had a Ford pinto in high school and they tested how many students it would hold for the yearbook. I don't know which would hold more between pinto or phone booth. :-) Take care, Sheila

  8. Not to wish away time or anything ... but I really wish I'd been born a few years earlier so I might have experienced some of these as a teenager.
    Funny, I just came from another blog whose topic was hula hoops. (Evil things never would stay up and 'hoop' for me.)

    From a personal perspective, I love the 'NY chic' fashions that emphasize the models' wasp waists. In comparison, so many of today's fashions come off as 'casual frump.'

  9. I was too young to appreciate (or disparage) the fifties. I was raised in the "typical" home but my father never drank, beat or molested any of us. We also hardly ever went to church because we spent most weekends at our cabin at Big Bear Lake. Loved going to the drive-in with the seats down in the back of the station wagon. I agree with Pudge 450 that technology does make life more interesting - none of us here would ever communicate if it wasn't for the Internet. I also appreciate indoor plumbing, running water, heat, etc. No drafty old medieval castles for this gal, no matter how romantic it seems.

  10. My mama used to sew those big full skirts for my sister and I but we had to iron them. We used to dance to a juke box where we hung out. I bought the first two Elvis Presley Sun records and a record player with my first pay check at my first real job. Yes I remember the 50's as good days.

  11. I spent my 1st 10 years in the '50s and liked it very much. Girls were dressed as confections and teenage boys roamed around like dinosaurs. Until Truman left office, I couldn't read. Then Eisenhower was elected and I could read! I will always be grateful.

  12. I've been enjoying all of your comments - - I just haven't had time to reply to them (yet). Jon

  13. You have a wonderful collection. It made me to remember my old.Was happy to see all the old things like washing machine, vacuum cleaner etc. Loved that puffed skirt...