magyar moon

magyar moon

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Are there unintentional gay implications in these retro discoveries?
No, not a chance. I just have a tainted imagination (dirty mind).

This post  just cost me two of my "followers". It's a shame that some people are so narrow-minded and humorless. It's not my intention to offend - - merely to entertain.

Viagra, perhaps?

 Lightning Rod

He had to "beat off" three guys

 Gay breakfast

 And what better way to top off a gay breakfast?

Is it just my imagination, or does this guy 
resemble Cary Grant....or perhaps Liberace? 

No thanks, I've already had one


Ivory follows the rainbow flag, perhaps?

I'm just crazy about fairies - -
oops, I mean Faery Soap!

Don't be alarmed, it's only heterosexual horseplay

It stretches - just the right "fit"

Munsingwear always bent over backwards
to get it right.

There was nothing "unintentional" about 
J.C. Leyendecker's magazine illustrations.
He knew exactly what he was doing.

I've dated a few....

 Sorry, sweetheart, but a herd of elephants  couldn't drag him away from the pool boy.

 Yea, and Sally's boyfriend is gay without it
(okay, that's a really crappy caption but I  just couldn't resist)

 Munsingwear does it again
pssst, wanna see my backhand?

They'll be back in your drawers
(I have no doubt.....)

Sleazy models from the '70's
they look hustlers on Selma Ave.
(I should know)

 Let's hear it for Kostelecke!
Hey, I don't make this stuff up - - I merely find it and post it for your entertainment.
it's the logo for a Czech sausage company.

.......and last but not least....

What does Liberace want in a woman?

I could really go on forever, but I can sense that you're squirming and getting restless so I'll stop for now. 


  1. "What does Liberace want in a woman?" - NOTHING, unless that woman is his MOM!

    these are SUPERB, jon; your best yet! and you are my first read of the morning, with coffee in hand.

  2. Does Homo Milk come in Fat Free?

    These are high-larious!

  3. HAHAHAHHAHA...great stuff. We have some of these originals framed and hanging on our "gay" wall in our "gay" bedroom. Ofcourse, I'll print out a couple of yours now for the refrigerator.

  4. Terrific post of the unintentionally funny. I'll comment on the Neilson Dairy, which I think is still in business --doubtless minus the ad exec. who thought shortening homogenized to "homo" would be a real snappy idea.

  5. That Faery model is seriously creepy!

    Hey, these might not be to everyone's tastes (so to speak), but UNfollowing you? Come on folks; lighten up, already. Life's too dang short.

  6. should be me when I expand!!!!!! And the one about the bus I live by. You could be hit by a bus tomorrow, so enjoy a fag. This is why a have an active sex life. meanwhile what is so offending by this post????????

  7. dudes into studs. ha-ha......bottoms up!

  8. Why...I...NEVER!!!

    (although I'd be willing to give it a shot...)

    And that Archie is so CUTE!!! (as evidenced by Moose's wandering eyes.)



  9. HA! These are hilarious. In light of my post from today, my favorite has to be the one with Superman.

  10. Fun stuff, what do we say today, that people will interpret differently in 50 years?