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magyar moon

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Pierre et Gilles
Long-time partners Pierre and Gilles have created an impressive array of unique creations which incorporate photography and art.  Always colorful, often erotic, consistently fascinating.

Pierre Commoy is the photographer.
Gilles Blanchard is the painter.

Unfortunately I don't know the titles or dates for all of these, but I've tried to identify some. 

 Pierre and Gilles

....and now



portrait of Lady Swinton 1996
(Tilda Swinton)


Adam and Eve



Le pecheur de perles 1992

Claudia Cardinale

Saint Lucy

Saint Martin de Porres

St. Sebastian 1997

 Peter Pan

 Boy George

David and Jonathan 2005

Thierry Mugler 

 Le Triangle Rose
Laurent Combes

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This is a minor tribute to those glorious days of sleazy pulp paperback fiction - - when we kids scoured the corner drugstore book racks and salivated at the forbidden pleasures that the raunchy covers promised.....but were too young, and far too timid to ever dare buy the books.

Fair warning -
Some of these will undoubtedly offend the sensibilities of the ultra-sensitive. But, what the heck - - being offended once in awhile is good for you...

For one brief moment, I thought that was a description of me. But I'm tall, blonde, and.....sweet as orange blossom honey.
(on the very lower part of this cover it says "First Printing Anywhere" - - and I'll bet it was the last printing, too)

Don't you just love these titles and descriptions? "It took him years of agony to realize he wanted a man."
Heck, I knew in three minutes. 
I'm only jesting, of course. Maybe.

3,000,000 copies of this author's books have sold in America. Two copies were sold in Guatemala.

 Don't believe it. Satan was a politician.

That dude looks anything but happy. Maybe he should shave that unibrow and have a few beers.
The 3 dollar price tag is undoubtedly a recent sticker. The book was probably originally 25 cents. All right, maybe 35 cents.

 Well, it's a helluva lot cheaper than saying it with flowers.....

What could possibly be more alarming than Donny and Marie?

Yea - so can unrefrigerated burritos.

Well, I suppose it's better than born to be a Democrat.
Aw, lighten up! Sometimes I just can't help myself. 
Those three guys laughing in the back are probably frustrated closet queens.

 Haven't we all? (*sigh*)
Love those torpedo bras.....

"the fickle and fake screaming"
"while tender lovers cry for understanding"
It's amazing that people actually got paid for writing this stuff.

and "C" is for that crappy James Dean wannabe in the red jacket.

"Complete and Unabridged"
Could anyone ask for more?

"In the back seat of a convertible"
Been there.
Done that.

They must be in Phoenix....
Are you getting tired of my inane captions?
So am I.

I've known a few.....

"The finest in adult reading" 
Well, could we expect anything less
from an author like Jack Love?

A sister's dare turned him into the Prom Princess......and the football team was eternally greatful.....

Glinto reveals grim truths in fiction form

Twisted desires?
Erotic passions?
Underground love?
It's the story of my life.

 If you survived all this crap you've passed the test. You are now qualified to read my other blog: Lone Wolf Concerto