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magyar moon

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This is a minor tribute to those glorious days of sleazy pulp paperback fiction - - when we kids scoured the corner drugstore book racks and salivated at the forbidden pleasures that the raunchy covers promised.....but were too young, and far too timid to ever dare buy the books.

Fair warning -
Some of these will undoubtedly offend the sensibilities of the ultra-sensitive. But, what the heck - - being offended once in awhile is good for you...

For one brief moment, I thought that was a description of me. But I'm tall, blonde, and.....sweet as orange blossom honey.
(on the very lower part of this cover it says "First Printing Anywhere" - - and I'll bet it was the last printing, too)

Don't you just love these titles and descriptions? "It took him years of agony to realize he wanted a man."
Heck, I knew in three minutes. 
I'm only jesting, of course. Maybe.

3,000,000 copies of this author's books have sold in America. Two copies were sold in Guatemala.

 Don't believe it. Satan was a politician.

That dude looks anything but happy. Maybe he should shave that unibrow and have a few beers.
The 3 dollar price tag is undoubtedly a recent sticker. The book was probably originally 25 cents. All right, maybe 35 cents.

 Well, it's a helluva lot cheaper than saying it with flowers.....

What could possibly be more alarming than Donny and Marie?

Yea - so can unrefrigerated burritos.

Well, I suppose it's better than born to be a Democrat.
Aw, lighten up! Sometimes I just can't help myself. 
Those three guys laughing in the back are probably frustrated closet queens.

 Haven't we all? (*sigh*)
Love those torpedo bras.....

"the fickle and fake screaming"
"while tender lovers cry for understanding"
It's amazing that people actually got paid for writing this stuff.

and "C" is for that crappy James Dean wannabe in the red jacket.

"Complete and Unabridged"
Could anyone ask for more?

"In the back seat of a convertible"
Been there.
Done that.

They must be in Phoenix....
Are you getting tired of my inane captions?
So am I.

I've known a few.....

"The finest in adult reading" 
Well, could we expect anything less
from an author like Jack Love?

A sister's dare turned him into the Prom Princess......and the football team was eternally greatful.....

Glinto reveals grim truths in fiction form

Twisted desires?
Erotic passions?
Underground love?
It's the story of my life.

 If you survived all this crap you've passed the test. You are now qualified to read my other blog: Lone Wolf Concerto


  1. hee hee hee! now WHO could be offended by these great works of literature? and it's not the torpedo bra, it was just cold outside and the headlights came on!

    1. The 1950's was the era of the big, sharp, dangerous, blinking-headlight boobs. I love it!

  2. Those are high-larious.
    I never my story would be turned into Hot Pants Homo!

    1. The titles on some of these are really priceless.

  3. Fun stories to stoke the libido. "In the back seat of a convertible"
    Been there. Done that too.

    1. I've done my time in back seats before - but no convertibles....

  4. I'll say it....any of these books could be my autobiography.

  5. Funny stuff! #1 hit close to home .. but then, I was a blonde for like, 15 minutes.
    Don't-cha know, those copy editors(?) had the BEST jobs?

    1. Those were the great old days when copy editors did have the best jobs.

  6. I remember stacks of lurid pulp covers in a corner of Beer's Books (Sacto.) in the 1950s. I'd peruse their covers for the sheer ingenuity of their artwork. Being a late reader, I had no idea what the words meant but I knew good illustration when I saw it.

    1. I would like to do some posts on vintage paperback fiction artwork. Some of the artists were really fantastic.

  7. What, no James Hadley Chase? You're missing a gold mine of sleaze!

    The Lesbian Satan was hilarious. Made my day.

    1. Someday I'll have to do an entire post on James Hadley Chase. He was the king of sleaze.

  8. I recall standing (swaying if I'd come from the pub) in front of walls of these 'gems' in somewhat seedy shops. Though the titles and artwork were less apologetic and more explicit than in your post, they held the 'charm' that makes them so fascinating today (to me anyway).

    Thanks for another interesting post.

    1. I'm sure that many of these lurid covers promised more than they delivered. I certainly remember the much more explicit ones in the seedy adult shops. Somehow, these dime store editions are more intriguing (not to mention the unintentional humor...)

  9. What a collection! In spite of the somewhat sleazy, and totally hilarious. titles and blurbs from those books, I'll bet they weren't nearly as graphic as some of the smut that's around today.

    1. I'm sure that most of today's mainstream books are indeed more graphic than these sleazy paperbacks were.

    2. Valley of the Dolls certainly comes to mind. And the campy movie based on the best selling book still makes me shudder in my sleep :-)

    3. I've never read the book, but I've seen the movie several times - and it indeed makes me shudder....

  10. Replies
    1. The proud author undoubtedly used a pseudonym.

  11. Replies
    1. I do my best to be funny (it isn't always successful)

  12. Gay Whore = Sly Stallone
    look a like in white (?)