magyar moon

magyar moon

Friday, July 29, 2016


I was genuinely surprised at how many celebrities loved cats (or at least tolerated them). The vast amount of stars with kitty photos made it difficult to choose, but I picked some of my favorites.

And, yes, I'll admit it: the title of this post is a cheap ploy intended to  pique interest.

Am I a cat lover?
An affirmative MEOW!

 There are so many photos of Liz Taylor with cats that I assume she genuinely liked them. This is one I've never seen before.

James Dean, with the white kitten that Elizabeth Taylor gave him shortly before he was killed in the car crash. 

 Mickey Rooney

 Judy Garland

 Dolores Del Rio

 Mary Pickford

 Way over there on the steps, a cat is befriending Charlie Chaplin

 Jean Harlow with a trio

 Peter Lorre has Siamese twins

 Kitty doesn't look too happy. Perhaps Bette Davis should snuff that cigarette.

Carol Lombard

 Clark Gable

 Vivian Leigh

 Vincent Price

Lauren Bacall

 Jane Russell

Marilyn Monroe

 Marlon Brando


Leslie Caron

 Audrey Hepburn

 Mia Farrow

Johnny Cash





Friday, July 22, 2016


I love old photos and have a very large collection of them. I'm also fascinated with the infinitely wide variety of photos I continually discover on the Internet. 

In my naivety concerning the vast amount of Internet fraud, I hadn't initially realized how many fake photos are circulating out there. The photoshop era has made it extremely easy for anyone to generate reasonably plausible fakes. It's a disconcerting fact that what we see isn't necessary real.

Faking photos isn't new. It's been going on since the beginning of photography - but today it isn't just a passing curiosity. It's a rampant obsession.

 On my very first Cabinet of Curious Treasures blog post (I think it was called Nightmare Album) I used the above photo. It is a truly horrifying picture of a woman and her rapidly decaying dead sister.

I have since learned the truth behind this nightmare. The photo is a fake. Here's the original photo of the two sisters - both very much alive.

I had always wondered about those odd braces above the subject's heads. I think they were used to keep the person from moving during the lengthy process of taking the photo.

 Here's another example of a Victorian photo that has been digitally transformed into a macabre death scene (above).
The original photo is below.

Post mortem photos are extremely popular nowadays among collectors, but not all are genuine. 

 These two photos are among many being passed off as post mortem. In truth, neither of these children were dead. The baby is merely sleeping. The girl is either bored, tired, or simply lethargic.

 Here's an example of a genuine post mortem photo of Victoria, the Duchess of Nemours (1822-1857). It was later enhanced to make her death scene more serene.

I used the above "headless" photo (left) on one of my Halloween posts just for fun. I hadn't seen the original photo (right) until recently.

 Victorian "Ghost" photos and "headless" photos are a dime a dozen and usually very easily recognized as fakes. Mary Todd Lincoln (left) with the spirit of her assassinated husband Abe.....and an unidentified man sporting his wife's head.

 A minor touch-up of the eyes transforms this girl into an Addams Family-type ghoulish creature.

 Historic photos aren't always what they seem to be. This photo of fearless huntsman and adventurer Teddy Roosevelt astride a water-bound moose is a fake.

 Abraham Lincoln's head has been transplanted onto the body of statesman John Calhoun.

 This supposed death photo of Abraham Lincoln is a widely circulated hoax.

The horse handler was removed from this photo of Benito Mussolini to make the Italian dictator look more heroic. 

 This death photo of Adolph Hitler is a fraud. Close examination reveals that the subject doesn't even resemble die Fuhrer.

Hitler taking a selfie might also very possibly be bogus (*smile*). 

These very famous photos of the Loch Ness monster were conceived in 1934 by British Surgeon Colonel Robert Wilson. He used a toy submarine with a fake sea monster head. 

Bigfoot finally captured and killed!

I haven't even nicked the tip of the fraudulent iceberg. Perhaps I'll do a sequel to the fake photo series.

Monday, July 11, 2016


I don't have information on all these pics, but I'll do my best to identify some.

 painting by Austrian artist
Hans Schwarte-Hellweg (1906-1990)

by Norman Rockwell

Sailors during the Civil War
United States Navy 

sailor with kitty

Is that a buoy in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  NTS Farragut
Farragut Naval Training Station, Idaho

 getting a tat

definitely tattooed

this edition published in 1908 


early 1950's

Sailors Sewing
photo from New York
(date unknown)

Pit Bull Mascot

 Verso is inscribed:
"Sailors at rest, World War I"

Have no clue where this guy is from
but it's an extremely striking photo

(identified - it's Germany. Thanks Geo.)

circa 1909


He'll regret that when he sobers up

"Roy in Hong Kong"

I seriously doubt if these are real sailors. They look more like hustlers from Selma Avenue.
Their baskets are packed and ready for a picnic (sorry, I couldn't help myself)