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magyar moon

Friday, July 29, 2016


I was genuinely surprised at how many celebrities loved cats (or at least tolerated them). The vast amount of stars with kitty photos made it difficult to choose, but I picked some of my favorites.

And, yes, I'll admit it: the title of this post is a cheap ploy intended to  pique interest.

Am I a cat lover?
An affirmative MEOW!

 There are so many photos of Liz Taylor with cats that I assume she genuinely liked them. This is one I've never seen before.

James Dean, with the white kitten that Elizabeth Taylor gave him shortly before he was killed in the car crash. 

 Mickey Rooney

 Judy Garland

 Dolores Del Rio

 Mary Pickford

 Way over there on the steps, a cat is befriending Charlie Chaplin

 Jean Harlow with a trio

 Peter Lorre has Siamese twins

 Kitty doesn't look too happy. Perhaps Bette Davis should snuff that cigarette.

Carol Lombard

 Clark Gable

 Vivian Leigh

 Vincent Price

Lauren Bacall

 Jane Russell

Marilyn Monroe

 Marlon Brando


Leslie Caron

 Audrey Hepburn

 Mia Farrow

Johnny Cash






  1. that last one - I've seen the original painting in paris. so NOT real! :)

    so many pussies; raybeard will love this post!

    1. I always heard that the Mona Lisa had a big pussy (I can get away with saying that to you...I hope...)

      Raybeard would indeed love this post but I don't think he ever visited this blog.

    2. yes, you CAN say pussy to me; I DO have one! :)

      I will e-mail raybeard and get him to drop by!

    3. Yes, I'm here (at last), A.M. and Jon - this time via my e-mail account, thanks to Anne Marie. And yes, Jon. This is the first time I've rummaged in your 'cabinet'. I trust it won't be the last.

      Lovely pics and it's especially good to see huge stars, both M and F, who like to put themselves over as macho or coldly in control, being seemingly reduced to putty in the presence of a furry feline - and we well know what power they have over us.
      The Brando, Cash, Monroe and Taylor ones I find particularly affecting - and, of course, Vincent Price just had to have a black one!

      A fine collection, Jon. It always gives me a lift to know of cat-lovers whom I hadn't realise were such - and there are truly big-hitters here. Very nice!

    4. Hey, I'm glad you were finally able to visit, Ray - I knew you'd like this one.
      It is heartwarming to see the celebrities - especially the macho men - melt at the sight (and touch) of a fuzzy little kitty.
      I plan to do a future cat post. I'm not sure when, but I will.

    5. Will look out for it, Jon. I'm sure it'll raise a smile - something I can get away with while no one's watching.

  2. Just was petting my pussy cat when i saw this post. LOVE it. My favorites were Brando, Cher and Dolores Del Rio. The last one, well who knew about Mona and hers.

    1. There was such a large selection of kitty photos that it was difficult to choose. I'll definitely have to do a Part Two sometime.

  3. PS) couldn't access your I'm offended post.

    1. It was one of my rants, which I quickly deleted because I knew it would offend some people. I'm going to try to rewrite it.

      I TRY to please, but there are always a few soreheads who don't "get" my humor (or don't think it's funny).

  4. Cher's photo wins on drama, but I loved them all! :)

    1. Cher's photo is my favorite, too. And I like the Judy Garland one - - undoubtedly because I like Halloween and ghosts.

  5. Cute!
    I'm wondering what on earth is Ms. Del Rio doing to that poor feline?
    Love that shot of Marilyn Monroe on the boardwalk. If that wasn't a candid, it sure looks like one!

    1. I didn't notice that until you mentioned it - - but it looks like she's choking the cat. I have more celebrity cats photos which I'll use in a future post (I have another one of Dolores del Rio).

  6. I'm impressed by the many photos in which the humans seem to resemble their cats in expression or the cats appear to react to the personalities of the human models. Johnny Cash and cat is my favorite. Excellent selections!

  7. It's heartwarming to see how many people, men and woman, are smitten by a warm fuzzy furball. Although I'm not sure if Elvis looks too pleased.....

    The Johnny Cash photo surprised me - it really shows his sensitive side.

  8. So, it's true ... James Dean was a, um, er, "cat lover."
    And I may be wrong but it looks like he and Marlon shared a cat?

    1. Those cats do look similar, but they were different ones.

      James Dean worshiped Brando, but (unfortunately) Brando hated Dean.
      Perhaps their cats would have gotten along....

  9. HA! You got me! I was thoroughly enjoying looking at the pictures, and then BAM! that last one. Made me laugh out loud.

    You title reminds of an oil painting I did for a friend years ago... I called it "Woman With Pussy." It was a nude woman sitting on a sofa with a kitty in her lap.

  10. My pussy is at my knee on the recliner as I write. He can generate an awful lot of heat off that little body. The difference between me and my pussy and your photos is that HE is the star!