magyar moon

magyar moon

Thursday, September 29, 2016


"I have one aim - the grotesque. If I am not grotesque I am nothing"
                                        Aubrey Beardsley

 Aubrey Beardsley was an English illustrator and author. His black ink illustrations were influenced by Japanese woodcuts. His early death was due to tuberculosis.

I used to have an old book of his entire illustrations and have no idea what happened to it.

 Self Portrait



 The Dancer's Reward

 Salome With Her Mother 1894

La Ballarina

 Smither's Catalogue of Rare Books
cover design

Battle of the Beaux and the Belles 1896

The Platonic Lament  1894

(my favorite)


Excalibur in the Lake 

 The Toilet

The Scarlet Pastorale



  1. Gorgeous. I imagine it'd be amazing to see the originals.

  2. These are all exquisite. The physical appearance of the artist makes me wonder if he had that same disease that Abraham Lincoln had. (Can't remember its name off-hand, and am too lazy to look it up...) I like all of these so much, I don't think I could pick a favorite.

  3. Once again you introduce me to an artist that I had no knowledge of. These are exquisite. I must admit that when I read your introduction that I thought you were going to repost the alphabet drawings of the children being killed in the most unusual ways. Gotta admit those creep me out quite a bit.

  4. He had a recognizable style. I think there were some posters of his work that were popular in the 60s. I really like his work, but I don't see much of it as being grotesque. :)

  5. Oh, those eyes! Exquisite creations, for sure. My favorite - for no discernable reason - is La Ballarina.

    Like Rick is fond of saying, "Every day is a school day." Thank you for introducing us to Aubrey's gifts.

  6. I remember the hypnotic impact of seeing Beardsley's work when I was in school and appreciate examples you post here. Didn't learn 'til later that his career was so brief --T.B and possibly Marfan's Syndrome-- because he had such great effect on the Art Nouveau movement. Remarkable man.