magyar moon

magyar moon

Saturday, October 15, 2016


I should probably properly call them vintage or retro ads, but they're just plain ol' ads to me. I love anything to do with old-fashioned Halloweens.
These are in no particular order, but I did try to put the very oldest ones first. 

"Gay revels"

"There is witchery in candy"

 For all those severed arteries you'll incur while carving jack-o-lanterns

It helps pool the dripping blood

the Dionne quintuplets

 A weeny witch party!
Heck, I've been to a few of those in Hollywood... 

Dorothy Lamour

 Nothing says Halloween like a pumpkin made of Jell-O (1952 ad)

Enough sugar in two quarts to kill a dozen kids

 Does anybody remember Fizzies? It was kinda like Alka-Seltzer, with a sweet twist. When I was a kid, you didn't need to add sugar to Fizzies. It was already in the tablet. This must be an older ad.

If Aunt Jenny's cake is anything like the Halloween cake that Alice B. Toklas made, I'll take it!

1954 ad


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It's October and I'm in a Halloween mood. I've dug into the very bottom of the photo vault to extract these oddities which - if nothing else - could induce a few unpleasant dreams.

 If you think ducks are benign, think again. These aren't Disney ducks - - they're a quack choir from Bellevue.

 The Bunny Brigade

 When I was a kid, clowns and puppets scared the living jeeters out of me.....and they still do....

 What? You don't think a dancing eye is scary? Try waking up some night and seeing one at the foot of your bed.

Go check your freezer.
I dare you.