magyar moon

magyar moon

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It's October and I'm in a Halloween mood. I've dug into the very bottom of the photo vault to extract these oddities which - if nothing else - could induce a few unpleasant dreams.

 If you think ducks are benign, think again. These aren't Disney ducks - - they're a quack choir from Bellevue.

 The Bunny Brigade

 When I was a kid, clowns and puppets scared the living jeeters out of me.....and they still do....

 What? You don't think a dancing eye is scary? Try waking up some night and seeing one at the foot of your bed.

Go check your freezer.
I dare you.


  1. Most are, to me at least, kinda cool. It's that duck one that seems really creepy to me.

  2. OMIGOD....bizarre on so many levels, and I'm just back from lunch.

  3. A Jack-O-Lantern full of the Octoberish macabreness, wonderful !!!

  4. I've seen freezers full of rats, but they were in plastic bags. When I worked at pet shops we sold frozen rats and mice. Always creeped me out--but not as badly as selling live ones for food!! People came in to buy newborn or very young baby mice for smaller snakes. I refused to sell the "live food" when I worked at a pet shop that sold them for food. They learned quickly to ask for the owner. I told them I know out in nature this happens all the time, but I just couldn't play god like that.

    The other pictures were weird enough, but the last one with the frozen rats brought back memories. :( Nature can be randomly cruel.

  5. Ok, counted the photos and it's solved. 20 jeeters equal one bejeebie!

    1. Also counted objects in closing photo. I just hate it when I open the freezer for ice cream and find only 2 bottles of booze and 22 dead rats, don't you?

  6. Actually, I thought the Bellevue choir and bunny Brigade were pretty cute!

    I'm too frightened by the looming election to fear ghouls and frozen rats. (I do feel a bit sorry for the rodents.... )