magyar moon

magyar moon

Friday, November 18, 2016


I initially planned to post these on my other blog, but decided to put them here in a feeble attempt to give you some laughs.

Just for the record, I'm not related to anyone in these photos - - - all of which have reinforced my intense disdain for Thanksgiving family gatherings.

 Take this, you turkey-loving bastards!

It's photos like this that make me know why the Indians wanted to kill us.

Thanksgiving: a perfect excuse to make complete fools out of innocent babies 

 Years from now, he's going to look at this photo and wish he hadn't been holding that ear of corn in such a precarious place

 A nice family photo, but what the hell is that dead thing on the lawn?

 A few cigarette ashes in the mashed potatoes never hurt anyone

"Try some of my Cranberry Surprise, dearie."

 It's probably best to keep the puppy outside when you plan to take family photos

There's no turkey on the table, but I do see plenty of meat.

Twenty years later, Aunt Stella still hasn't forgiven Uncle Steve for sleeping with Cousin Milton.

Not everybody looks good in turkey leotards

 Turkeys Galore

Save a drumstick for Aunt Bertha

 Billy just lost his contact lens in the turkey!

Never drink before dinner

Redneck tailgate Thanksgiving

Friday, November 4, 2016


The Costume Police were patrolling on Halloween night, searching for costumes that violated the standards of "good taste": costumes that intentionally (and perhaps unintentionally) mocked cultures, ethnicities, religion, and human suffering. 

College campuses  seemed to be particularly enthusiastic enforcers of this Halloween witch-hunt (no pun intended, of course). The University of Florida had an Offensive Costume Hotline. Wesleyan University, Tufts University, and the State University of New York are only three of many institutes of higher education that encouraged students to report any costumes that might be offensive.

Always eager to offend the annoyingly politically correct, I'm submitting a few  of my own offerings.

from Wesleyan University

The Necrophilia Costume 

 Babe in a Burka

Snake Charmer

KKK Member and Friend

 Sexy Squaw

 Bill Cosby violating a drugged woman

Suicide Bomber

Hula Girl 

 The Dentist Lion Killer
Remember when this made news headlines? Dr. Walter James Palmer, on an African Big Game hunt, accidentally killed Cecil the Lion - a protected species.

 The Big Kahuna 

 Senor Taco

 Serena Williams, Tennis Pro

 Bruce Jenner
then and now
man or woman??

The Human Dick
Not too convincing...
is this anatomically correct?

 The Pregnant Nun

  Holy Shit

 Human Outhouse

Anna Rexic (left) and the Blind Referee

Hitler and Anne Frank

 German Boob Beer Dispenser

Multiple Al Jolsons

Horny Convict

 Wonder Woman

Pumpkin Babe

If you think these costumes are offensive, you should see the ones that I decided to omit.....

You can check out offensive children's costumes on my other blog: