magyar moon

magyar moon

Thursday, December 29, 2016


I did a similar post last year on my other blog.  It was so enormously unpopular, that I've been inspired to do a sequel.

Just for the record (no pun intended, of course) all of these record albums are real. I couldn't make this stuff up.

Be forewarned: my comments are crude and caustic. I call them as I see them...

 No need to be alarmed -
it's probably an exaggeration

....and now he's doing hard time at Leavenworth.

Don't turn the lamp up too bright, Mattie - - that coiffeur will ignite like the Hindenburg. 

At first glance I thought it was Telly Savalas in drag

If they have confidence, there's hope for all of us.

Whatever you do, don't take your act to Detroit.

 Don't be too eager, Russ. I'm all booked up until some time in April.

Okay, it wasn't funny - but I tried.'d be an old maid.

 I haven't seen hair like that since Mary Pickford was under contract with Biograph.

Did I misread this, or do I just have a dirty mind?

 Yea, and while you're at it - borrow another face.

 Sorry girls, but I don't see anyone using you in the extended future.

You're cruel, Jon, and I don't hear any laughter.

 If this doesn't inspire you, nothing will.

We don't pity you. We pity the record company that agreed to make this album.

 Barely alive - and fading fast.

Just one short of a trio 

It's Howdy Doody's "artistic" brother

Kiss me, Kincade, and that pie will be in your face.

What could possibly be worse than Kincade's kisses?

Jeff, you should always take a "Do Not Feed the Piranha" sign seriously.

We've got something that might belong to Jeff.

(I know, I'm completely ruthless - but I'm on a roll)

Nothing will sell a record album faster than a photo of an Oprah wannabe taking a dump.

 Circumcision by Accordion

Is this the end??
Heck, I'm just warming up.


  1. Jon, these are wonderful and cheering at a time of year that usually gets me down. I do take one note of exception with Millie Jackson. Her flawless voice and interpretations of blues and soul compositions have long been admired by me. Even if she's shitting on an album cover, the sound inside is remarkable. The lady is still singing --1st heard her in the 1960s-- and singing well. Admittedly, her photo on the crapper was ill-advised but her work has never stunk. And yes, I believe that album cover belonged among the others in this cheerful (for which I'm grateful) post, but I suspect her career has outlasted Kingsize Dick's.

  2. Geo, believe it or not I never heard of Millie Jackson. When I saw that album cover I just assumed that she was a flash-in-the-pan flop (no pun intended). I'll have to check out her singing on YouTube.
    I appreciate the info.

    1. Then I envy your experiencing her talent and peculiar humor for the 1st time. I hope YouTube has some examples --duets with Isaac Hayes and her marvelous "Eff-You Symphony". She's a real kick.

  3. I still giggling at telly Savalas in drag because ... yeah!

  4. bwaaaahahahahhahah...great way to end another year and start an ever hopefully better one. Happy New Year to you and the kittahs and the possum.

  5. I hope those hairdos from the 60's NEVER come back....they were really ugly.

  6. OMG! These are hysterical!!!
    Happy New Year, Jon! :)

  7. OMG, you've out-done yourself this time, Jon!
    Unfortunately, I suspect at one time or another, yes I bore a certain resemblance to one Mattie McFerrin. YIKES!

  8. The album covers were fun but the hairdo's were hysterical. LOVE your commentary too.

  9. I happen to know Terry, of the Harry and Terry album. I didn't think the cover was funny back when it came out,but laughed my behind off when I saw it just now. Thanks for the memories!

  10. Thanks for the comment, Guido. I hope I didn't sound too harsh with my caustic caption on the album. I simply said the very first thing that came to mind!