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magyar moon

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Joseph Kleitsch (1882-1933) was a portrait and plein air artist. Born in the Hungarian province of Banat (now Romania), he immigrated to the United States in 1912. 
He eventually settled in Laguna Beach, California, which was - and still is - a thriving artists colony (I was familiar with Laguna when I lived in California).

Kleitsch died of a heart attack at the age of 49 in 1933. Two years later, his wife Edna opened the Joseph Kleitsch Fine Arts Gallery in Laguna which, I believe, still exists.

Note: several sources incorrectly list Kleitsch's birth year as 1885.
Unfortunately I don't know the names of the women in his portraits but I'm assuming that some were of his wife.

 Joseph Kleitsch

Divers Cove, Laguna Beach

The artist's son Eugene 

 Ruth Renick
The Jade Necklace

Madonna of the Apples
(one of my personal favorites) 


  1. Stunning paintings. I too am partial to Madonna of the Apples...and Jon, thanks.

  2. Any one of those paintings I would love putting on my wall. They are all stunning. I am fondest of the blue hat lady, Diver's Cove and the painting of the scissors and small bowl of flowers. DIVINE.

  3. Excluding the self portrait, I'm particularly drawn to #9. That, and the bread/cheese/beer tableau. What an extraordinary talent!

  4. Just to let everyone know that I've temporarily closed my other blog, until I get some things straightened out. I haven't abandoned it. Thanks for visiting me here.

  5. Hi Jon:
    You know that I enjoy your blogs. I check them everyday and am prodded to respond once in a while when you trigger something that clicks with me.
    I was upset yesterday when I saw the invitation only message. I thought I'd said something offensive, well more offensive than usual. Then, I realized you had locked out comments.
    It's easy for me to say ignore the aholes. They're not stalking me and I don't care what they'd have to say because I know what the truth is. OMG, I didn't sound like a Trumpeteer just then, did I? Jon, it seems to me you need something more in your life so the comments are more of an annoyance than a problem. I know you write, are you working on anything now? You live in Bumfuck TN. Too bad you can't get a volunteer gig or part time job just to give emphasis to something beside those damned curmudgeons. How about getting a houseboy? The husbear would never go along with it. I already tried it with Twinkyfoose, the guy next door when he graduated from highschool and his parents (one biological, one step parent) pushed him out to get his own apartment and I wanted to offer him to live in the basement where I'm sure I would find endless reasons to pass through. Apparently husbear thought the same thing and put the kibosh to that idea.

  6. my maternal grandfather
    died at 49, too
    I wasn't born, yet
    he was 100% Hungarian
    too young to die
    I like the
    musical instruments