magyar moon

magyar moon

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


There's no shame in growing old - it's part of the life process and we all have to do it. Unless, of course, you want to die young and make a great looking corpse.....

It is shocking, however, to see the grim reality of once-famous hunks who disintegrated  into horrifying parodies of their former selves.

It's not my intention to be cruel (well, then again, maybe it is) but I had fun digging through the dusty archives to find these examples of male celebrities who were ravaged with age.

 Okay, in my humble opinion Mick Jagger was never exactly a hunk, and hard living largely contributed to his physical demise....those famous pouty lips seem to have diminished through the years...

French actor Alain Delon
(he used to be one of my favorites)

 Leonard Whiting
Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Pierce Brosnan

 Troy Donahue

 Clint Eastwood

Warren Beatty

Omar Sharif

James Fox

 Nick Nolte
(his infamous mug shot)

 Richard Gere

Miles O'Keeffe

  Gerard Depardieu

Jan-Michael Vincent

Christopher Walken
He looks like a 90-year-old spinster

Boy George 
a boy no more

Keir Duella

Terence Stamp

 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Keith Richards

Macaulay Culkin
who proves you don't have to be old to look ravaged

I have a lot more, but I'll spare you....for now. 


  1. A well-presented gallery, Jon! I'll comment on Richard Gere because we were born the same year and he's held up pretty well. I believe the two photos of Keith Richards were taken only a day apart in the late '60s --there was this party, see... Fun post.

  2. Like the pictures, just proves age gets to us all sooner or later.

  3. I covered the left part of the screen with my hand and I screeched for hours.
    I covered the right part of the screen and I swooned.

  4. Didn't Marilyn Monroe say something like gravity gets us all in the end?
    I'm sagging in places I didn't even know I had something there to sag in the first place. I think of all the people who never made it this far and I say to myself, "Good for you, Carl".

  5. All women know beauty is fleeting. Men always age better than we do. However I must admit a few of these pics have me wondering????

  6. Heretofore, I've thought men aged much better than we women. ?????
    In a charitable (uncommon) vein, I'd like to think Pierce and Warren are finally happily in love and don't feel they need to maintain a certain presence.
    Christopher Walken ... still sexy, jowls and all.

  7. In June I will be posting my high school graduation picture along with a current picture, 40 years later. Time is cruel.

  8. To my eyes, Miles O'Keefe has fared best.