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magyar moon

Saturday, August 19, 2017


I think these photos are a breathtaking reminder of what the golden era of Hollywood glamour was all about.

I might have used a few of these in previous posts - I can't remember - but they're worth a second look. 

 Greta Garbo

Jean Harlow
A few of these are undoubtedly colorized, but they're gorgeous nevertheless.

Myrna Loy

Bette Davis

Joan Crawford

 Marlene Dietrich

Claudette Colbert

Hedy Lamarr

Ginger Rogers

Gene Tierney

Lana Turner

 Rita Hayworth

Vivian Leigh

Ingrid Bergman

Katharine Hepburn

Lauren Bacall

Grace Kelly

Ava Gardner

Elizabeth Taylor

 Jane Russell

Lucille Ball

Gene Tierney
(I included two photos of Tierney because she's my favorite)


Thursday, August 10, 2017



Wilhelm von Gloeden (1856-1931) was a German photographer who is remembered almost exclusively for his "pastoral" photos of nude men and boys.

He went to Italy around 1878 for health reasons (possibly tuberculosis) and remained there the rest of his life (except for a few years during World War I).
Gloeden's villa and studio in Taormina, Sicily, was a mecca for local Italian youths whom he
used as models for his photography.

After Gloeden's death, his studio was raided by Mussolini's Fascist Police who seized and destroyed thousands of photo prints and glass negatives (for being deemed "obscene"). Consequently, only a fraction of Gloeden's vast photographic output remains today.

I've decided to keep most of Gloeden's models "under wrap"  in the following collection: mostly portraits - and no full frontal nudity.
I'm not a prude - - I'm just too lazy to change my blog settings to "adult content".

One of Gloeden's models, with Mt. Vesuvius smoking in the background.

Portrait of a boy, 1899

Gloeden occasionally used local girls and young women as models.

.. ...and now and then, a boy dressed as a girl.....


Photo taken in Gloeden's villa at Taormina

 Model in a religious pose

The same model as "Nero"
(and he does resemble Nero)

Those eyes!